Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson


7/23/1961, Midland, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Woodrow Tracy Harrelson


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Woody, born Woodrow Tracy Harrelson on July 23, 1961 in Midland, TX., had a childhood most people have never had to face. His father, Charles Voyde Harrelson, went to prison, convicted of murder when Woody was only seven. His mother Diane, a legal secretary, raised Woody and his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Woody married his partner of 20 years, Laura Louie, on December 28, 2008. The couple wed in Maui with Alanis Morissette singing throughout the ceremony. Woody and Laura have three daughters together.

    • In July 2008 it was revealed Woody was being sued by photographer Josh Levine. Levine alleges Woody choked him and damaged his camera in 2006 and wants $US2.5 million in compensation.

    • Woody has been nominated for 2 SAG Awards. In 1997, he was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for The People vs. Larry Flynt. In 2008, he won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for No Country for Old Men.

    • Woody has been nominated for 9 Emmy Awards. From 1987-1988 & 1990-1991 he was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Cheers until he won in 1989. In 1999, Woody was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for Frasier: The Show Where Woody Shows Up. In 2012, Woody was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie playing Steve Schmidt on Game Change. In 2014, Woody was nominated 2 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series playing Martin Hart and Outstanding Drama Series in his work on True Detective.

    • Woody was nominated for an Oscar in 1997 for The People vs. Larry Flynt for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

    • In March 2007, a photographer, Josh Levine, lodged a law suit for $2.5 million alleging Woody assaulted him as he filmed him leaving a nightclub in June 2006.

    • In March 2007, Woody's father, Charles, died of natural causes in the federal Supermax prison in Colorado. Charles was serving two life sentences for killing a Texas US judge. Woody has always stated that he believed his father was innocent.

    • Woody has received honors from many environmental organizations for his tireless environmental actions including Rainforest Action Network, PETA, the American Oceans Campaign and the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project.

      His most recent award was the 6th Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards sponsored by Global Green USA. Woody was among a small group of notable and highly influential environmentalists to be recognized.

    • To further his environmental cause Woody has joined forces with Living Tree Paper Company. He plans to promote the use of nonwood and post-consumer waste recycled products.

    • Woody, pro-active in his advocacy for positive environment change, he has committed himself personally to living a simple, organic lifestyle.

    • Woody is known to be the lead singer of the band Manly Moondog and the Three Kool Hats.

    • June 2006; Woody was involved an altercation with a cameraman outside a Hollywood nightclub.

      It was alleged that Woody caused bodily harm to the cameraman and broke the camera.

      No Felony Charges were laid due to lack of evidence.

    • In 1996 Woody Harrelson was arrested during a protest to protect the Redwood Forest. He and a group of fellow protesters, climbed cables on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco demanding the forest be protected.

    • In 1982 Woody was arrested for disorderly conduct (he was dancing dangerously in the middle of a busy highway) and resisting arrest after he ran from the police.

      Due to his young age the time Woody was not jailed, had to pay a fine of $390.00.

    • As a child Woody was labelled dyslexic, hyperactive and psychologically disturbed.

      In his youth Woody was placed in a school for children with behavioral problems, during this time he found religion.

    • Woody is known to be a pro-active campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana.

    • He has three children, Deni Montana born in 1994, Zoe Giordano born in 1997, and the latest edition Makani Ravello Harrelson, born 3 June 2006. Woody is a loving and devoted father, he refers to his three daughters as the "Goddess Trilogy."

  • Quotes

    • Woody: When I let up from the weed, and the drinking too, I cried every day. And I liked that. I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!

    • Woody: When I was in the seventh grade I did a report about the environment and the loss of species. It was supposed to be only a few pages, but ended up being nearly 50.

    • Woody: There's just something extraordinary about that Salma Hayek.

    • Woody: I never was disillusioned with acting because I love acting.

    • Woody: I do feel like there's a real need for all the environmentalists to get together.

    • Woody: I do smoke, but I don't go through all this trouble just because I want to make my drug of choice legal. It's about personal freedom. We should have the right in this country to do what we want, if we don't hurt anybody. Seventy-two million people in this country have smoked pot. Eighteen to 20 million in the last year. These people should not be treated as criminals.

    • Woody: When I let up from the weed, and the drinking too, I cried every day. And I liked that. I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!

    • Woody: We need to support the companies that support the earth.

  • Gets a bad wrap all b/c he smokes weed sometimes.

    Great actor.GREAT!
  • I love this guy!!! He is an outstanding actor. His acting talents are chameleon-like where he stands out in his role as the main theme focus.

    Great acting talents. He has an ability to bring out the soul of the character he plays and captures the theme of the movies quite well. I really love watching him. He has a mesmerizing effect on the audience as you watch his character in roles develop. He has a knock-out cute, smirkey and yet mysterious smile that keeps you thinking, there's alot going on in the character he plays that is about to reveal itself and so always a surprising moment in his roles that captivate your attention. He's like the next Harrison Ford but in a not so fast action movie.moreless