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  • Gets a bad wrap all b/c he smokes weed sometimes.

    Great actor.GREAT!
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    Woody Harrelson is really a talented actor. Not only can he pull of comedic roles (see the television show, "Cheers" and the movie, "Kingpin"), but he can also pull off the dramactic role ("EDtv") and action role ("Natural Born Killers").
  • I love this guy!!! He is an outstanding actor. His acting talents are chameleon-like where he stands out in his role as the main theme focus.

    Great acting talents. He has an ability to bring out the soul of the character he plays and captures the theme of the movies quite well. I really love watching him. He has a mesmerizing effect on the audience as you watch his character in roles develop. He has a knock-out cute, smirkey and yet mysterious smile that keeps you thinking, there's alot going on in the character he plays that is about to reveal itself and so always a surprising moment in his roles that captivate your attention. He's like the next Harrison Ford but in a not so fast action movie.