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  • The best panelist on Around The Horn.


    How does Woody Paige have such a low user score? He's the greatest, most memorable panelist on Around the Horn! He has a fun and lovable attitude/personality and makes the show enjoyable. It still is enjoyable without Paige, but the biased scoring system doesn't work in its favor and although Woody may sound like he's always yelling [jibberish,] he's actually got meaning behind it all and I agree with a lot of the stuff he says.

  • Who doesn't love Woody Paige!?!

    Seriously. =| Who doesn't like Woody Paige? Who doesn't like his childish behavior as he shouts and screams and goes nuts on his show, Around the Horn? Who doesn't like Around the Horn?? Seriously, these are some questions that are normally answered with one simple word: "Nobody." The main reason I watch Around The Horn is for Woody Paige. How he always gets upset, and he likes to scream at all of the sports anchors, and gets "muted." LOL. Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti, and JA Andande are my favorites on Around The Horn, but back to Woody Paige. He is awesome!! In his little screen, in the background, on a little chalkboard, every segment he writes a different little smart remark and it is so funny!! LOL, once again. Who doesn't love Woody Paige!?!
  • Woody Paige is my hero!

    Woody Paige is one of the more refreshing people in television and news today. Woody Paige is simply the best panelist on Around the Horn. His humor and wit are unmatched. In addition to ATH, Woody Paige makes great contributions to Cold Pizza, Dream Job, and various other misc. shows on ESPN. In addition to television, he also writes a sports column. Woody Paige also votes for Hall-of-Famers for both the Baseball and Football Hall Of Fames. In the Denver community, he started a foundation that provides services to the homeless and needy during holidays. Class act all the way.