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  • I owe my career to Wynn Pearce, and if his family reads this, I hope they understand that aside from his wonderful acting, his inspiration teaching affected people in ways no one can measure

    I took an acting class at Saddle Back college, Mission Viejo, California. I wasn\'t really a very good actor, but because Wynn took the time to get to know his students he learned that I was a songwriter and guitar player. I don\'t know why I took acting, but I think it was to help me come out of my shell. He encouraged me to try out for a singer in upcoming plays which I did and never got the part, but as a final exam, instead of having me act out a scene, which would\'ve been pretty painful, he had me bring my guitar in and play an original song for the class. I played the song I wrote for my mother, who died several years earlier. The experience drove me forward to the point where I eventually became a singer and songwriter of childrens music. I\'ve won many awards and my music to this day is hopefully inspiring children to stay away from drugs and smoking among other things. I know for a fact that Wynn is the major reason I am doing what I do today, and I enjoy my career more than anyone can know. So what I want his family to know is that he must have touched thousands of lives other than mine, but because of how he treated me, he\'s touched tens of thousands more. Thank you Wynn. Tom Gardner, The Uncle Brothers Children\'s Music