Yancy Butler

Yancy Butler


7/2/1970, Greenwich Village, New York City

Birth Name

Yancy Victoria Butler


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Yancy Victoria Butler was born July 2, 1970 in Greenwich Village, New York City, to Joe Butler, lead singer and former drummer of the Lovin' Spoonful and Leslie Butler, a company manager for Broadway shows. Acting was a natural career choice for Yancy, having a family working in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Yancy lent her voice for the video game Propaganda released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

    • Yancy narrated the following audiobooks: Malice Domestic 3: High Heels in the Headliner by Wendy Hornsby (1998), We Could Do Worse: A Millennial Collection of Alternate Histories by Various Authors (1999), and For the Good of the Firm edited by Martin Greenberg (1999).

    • Yancy appeared in the production of How Sweet the Sound in Playwrights Horizon Theatre in New York City.

    • After the cancellation of Witchblade Yancy took a year off acting in order to regain her health.

    • Yancy's fans called her YB.

    • Yancy admits she lost her virginity at the age of 14 with her friend's brother.

    • Yancy's step-mother, Kim, is a company manager for Broadway shows.

    • Yancy's ex-boyfriend, James Driscoll is prohibited from having any contact with Butler, according to two court orders.

    • Yancy's ex-boyfriend, 49 year old James Driscoll was arrested in February 2007 after he allegedly posted more than 50 fliers containing lewd and defamatory comments about Yancy on car windshields parked at a Kent treatment center.

    • Yancy's favorite color is red.

    • Yancy's favorite music includes Creed, Vivaldi, Nelly Furtado, and Van Morrison.

    • In order to keep fit Yancy practices Yoga however, as it is very time consuming, she does about 45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training. Yancy eats egg whites, high-protein energy foods and drinks, salads, and about 6 bottles of water per day.

    • Yancy's favorite dish is Prosciutto di Parma which is a salty Italian deli ham.

    • On the 13th of March 2007, Yancy was charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive in the established lane after crashing her Saab into a wire guard rail in Connecticut.

    • Following Yancy's arrest in February 2007 she was ordered by a judge to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings seven times a week until her court appearance on March 8, 2007.

    • On the 11 of February 2007, Yancy was arrested in her home on the charge of disorderly conduct. She was the one that placed the call to the police claiming that her boyfriend would not give her the keys to her car or let her leave her house. When the police arrived on the scene her boyfriend told them that Yancy had been drinking and doing drugs and that he did not want her driving under the influence.

    • For a boxing match that took place in the second-season premiere of Witchblade Yancy practiced with the guy that trained boxer Lenox Lewis.

    • Yancy did her own stunts on Witchblade as she felt it looked better on screen.

    • Yancy was engaged to actor Jeff Fahey.

    • Back on January 3rd, 2003 Yancy was arrested in Suffolk County, New York after she allegedly punched her father and then attempted to bite her uncle Henry Jerome.

    • Her first movie role was in the movie Savage Weekend when she was only seven years old.

    • After being arrested for disorderly conduct, she was court ordered to enter a substance abuse program in November of 2003.

    • Stuff magazine ranked her #61 on their 2002 list of the "102 sexiest women in the world".

    • She attended Sarah Lawrence College.

    • In 2002 she won a Saturn Award in the Best Actress in a Television Series category for her role in Witchblade.

    • Witchblade is the only TV series Yancy has starred in to have more than one season.

    • Her father, Joe Butler, was the drummer and lead singer for the band Lovin' Spoonful.

  • Quotes

    • Yancy: (On shooting through a painful injury) It was hard, but my attitude is, you're paying me, I'm yours. I'll go till I drop. My attitude is, you're paying me, I'm yours. I'll go till I drop.

    • Yancy: (when asked if she got any feedback from the comic book fans on her role in Witchblade) We have gotten great feedback from the comic book fans. We did that whole comic book tour circuit last summer, and the fans couldn't have been happier. There was definitely some pressure there because, unlike a lot of other comic book characters, my character had never had a voice. The first day you should have seen me. I was so nervous because these people had been living with this character for years, and I had to give Sara her first voice.

    • Yancy: (when asked what roles she thought her fans most associated her with) Very action-oriented characters, which is not something that I sought out at all. Those roles just kind of graciously fell in my lap, which I'll ride for as long as I can. Keep kicking and blading people and stuff. But I think of films like Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes and films like Hard Target with Jean Claude Van Damme. I think that those are the kind of things that people are more familiar with. Sara Pezzini is different from those characters, however. I feel for her. A lot of stuff is going on. She's having a bit of a meltdown. I think it's wonderful that Ralph Hemecker is able to write and really construct a character like a jigsaw puzzle. She's not all hard and male-hating and not 'I'll annihilate anything that says good morning to me'. She is not just angry and bitter or somebody that's just fluffed up, we very much could've gone in that direction. So I'm liking this character more. I think it's an extension of everything that I've of worked for.

    • Yancy: (when asked if she liked being a TV star) Chubby Checker just asked for my autograph. That, and being a jeopardy question, just made my entire career! I was worth $400.

    • Yancy: (when asked if she believes in reincarnation) I actually do. Will I come back as an azalea? I don't know. But I certainly believe there are souls out there that come back when a child is born.

  • I've been a big fan since Hard Target. She has the talent to become the role and doesn't need to "stretch" as many actors do to "fit the role"....Yancy is a talented actor and a gorgeous lady with a sexy voice to boot! Yancy, have you emailed me yet?moreless

    Yancy is a talented and over-looked actor. As far as pretty faces go, she's at the top of the list. So when it comes to casting, I'm thinking she needs an agent that hustles a bit more, she should be very busy. She's got the goods and I for one miss seeing her . As far as the personal drama, the rumor and innuendo... So what...let's dig for dirt on the the people who get a thrill outta reporting that crap.....moreless