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  • Very good actor.

    Yanic Truesdale played Michele on Gilmore Girls. He is so funny and so sweet and really did put feeling into his role. He was definatly someone that you would want to watch on Gilmore Girls. He was always making funny and smarty pants comments that were absolutly hilarious. He was one of my favorite actors that were on the show.
  • the guy with a quick quip. gimme mo

    there shouldve be more of him on the GilmoreGirls. hes better than Gunther on Friends. and even Gunther came on every 4th show! the character needs more depth (by the writers). but i guess if the bosses said \'do di dis way and not dat way\' den he prolly fit into the character handinglove. hes got a flair for comedy worthy of M.A.S.H. or maybe Scrubs could reelimin. mein gott! and someone should change his gender thingy on the bio. hope Tv.com notices it or something!!! did i grab any1s attention? i weell thry tu go through de propper chaannels (ruskieaccent) and email tv.com about this typo. and Truesdale ma man keep at it. u da best.
  • Perfect in his role on Gilmore Girls.

    Yanic has the perfect role on Gilmore Girls. He seems to have so much fun acting, and it seems so natural. His character overall is something different though. Yanic is playing a black French man. Puts the show on a different level, but adding details like that. Wonderful actor, and I can't wait to see what else he has instore for his career!
  • So talented! The cast he works with is great... but this man, Yanic, is just... he makes me smile and makes me laugh. He is a joy to watch. I know he also played the butler in The Bird Cage. His talent is unmatched. Continued successes!

    I am a true fan. I admire the man. His work. His talent. and he is most handsome. Just a pleasure to watch. and how lucky we are that he is on t.v. on a almost daily basis. He makes me laugh. And smile. Even when he is annoying, it is charming.
    Not many people could be so rude, but also endearing.