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    • Yannick Bisson: I'm a huge racing fan and a complete car nut! I think anyone who watches Sue Thomas will notice that on my desk, I always have car hot rod paraphernalia and different car things. That's just something that is really cool for me. I enjoy it a lot.

    • Yannick Bisson: I'm Canadian. I was born in Montreal. So, I'm originally a Francophone (French Speaking Canadian). I moved to the US, when I was about 8. I grew up in Florida, and Texas, and I lived in Alaska for a while. I moved around a fair bit. My father is a bridge builder. I lived in the Keys, and in Tampa Bay for a bit. Those are the main places. I ended back in Toronto, Canada, when I was 13. I actually took up acting at that point. I went and took some classes and made some effort and got into it.

    • Yannick Bisson: I wish my kids thought my job was as cool as you do, but they really don't care. You know how kids are...my oldest daughter is almost 14, and every other actor on the planet is cooler than I am to her. My middle daughter is almost 12, and unless I get on Seventh Heaven/Amanda Show/Reba...she also could care less. My youngest daughter is 6, she however would hang out on set with dad, if Mom would let her skip school.

    • Yannick Bisson (At age 17, on the difference between acting jobs in Toronto, and Toby McTeague in Quebec): It was about 10 times as hard. The script was more difficult, and it meant leaving home and school to shoot in the cold of winter in Quebec. I simply dropped out of school for a semester and agreed to catch up in the next one, which so far hasn't been too bad. I had to take the offer. It was a big film and I decided to go for it.

    • Yannick Bisson (On Sue Thomas F.B.Eye): It wasn't necessarily the first few jobs that I got in life that got me interested in showbiz, it was watching movies, you know, and one of those things was FBI guys and spy guys and CIA guys, so doing this show is a dream come true for me, I really enjoy doing it.

    • Yannick Bisson (On meeting his wife, Shantelle): The first time I ever saw Shantelle, I was 15 and so was she. She worked in a Baskin Robbins and my friend Bruce introduced us. I almost fell over. I made a mental note right then that IF I were ever to get married, somewhere way down the line, I would have to find a girl like her, because there was no way she would ever be interested in me. She wasn't. 18. I'm out on a Pepsi audition and guess who strolls in? Lady Godiva and she says to me; 'Oh, sorry I kept you waiting'. I haven't seen her in 3+ years. I'm thinkin': 'Who does she think she is?' I must have had a strange look on my face because she said: 'Didn't they tell you? We're reading for this ad together and playing boyfriend and girlfriend'. Einstein: 'You're an actress?' Godiva: 'Yeah, have been for years. We are with the same agent. Didn't you know?' Well I never did get that ad. But I got the girl.