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Yao Ming

Yao Ming


9/12/1980, Shanghai, China

Birth Name

Yao Ming



Also Known As

Ming Yao, Yao, Ming Yao, Yao Ming
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Yao Ming is a retired professional basketball player. He played for the Shanghai Sharks and the Houston Rockets during his career. Ming was one of the tallest athletes ever at 7'6".

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    • Yao Ming: I really can't describe it. It completely surpasses what I imagined. Basketball is my job. It's something I do and can adjust to quickly. The media, I'm a little bit of a stranger to. So it's a little difficult to adjust.

    • Yao Ming: I feel that the All-Star game is more like a party because it's made up of a lot of elements. However the core of All-Star is still the 48 minute-game and all the fans will pay all attention to the showcase of the players' excellent skills. The result of the game is not much of a concern.

    • Yao Ming: Those are good players and very good teammates that we're missing and, obviously, that's bad for us, but we have to live with it. We cannot ask them back right now because they have serious injuries. What we need to do is find a way, whatever way it is to win.

    • Yao Ming: Those are good players and very good teammates and, obviously, that's bad for us. But we have to live with it.

    • Yao Ming: We're not a team like earlier in the season. We know we can play.

    • Yao Ming: They just double-team so hard. At times they would just take the ball away from me. I couldn't see the weak side to find that open man. We know we can play. We have learned from the experience of playing without McGrady and know we can still compete.

    • Yao Ming: It's a big loss for us. The power he had is one of the greatest things about our team. Now we have to try to find a way to get in the playoffs.

    • Yao Ming: Honestly, I think don't be rushed. That would only make him worse. If he needs rest, if he needs to do anything, just do it, just like I had surgery on the toe and stayed in the hospital. I wanted to go back to the court to help the team. But at that time, the only thing I could do to help the team was (to understand) it's how hard you work on it to rehab your body.

    • Yao Ming: We can get a couple games when Tracy is out. But when we play against a great team like the game coming against San Antonio, we cannot play without him. We hope he can stay healthy.

    • Yao Ming: I think it's because the Rockets are learning experiences by the games we lost without him and the one game winning without him. Those experiences are building up to today and lasting.

    • Yao Ming: I know my job. I know what the team needs me to do. I need to score, rebound, guard people. I know who I am and I know what I need to do.

    • Yao Ming: We need to do like we did in the Golden State game. Everybody do something more.

    • Yao Ming: He brings a lot of energy. He's a great cutter. Like today, when the other team double-teams on the post or double-teams McGrady, he cuts very quickly. With his size and the way he can jump, that really helps us.

    • Yao Ming: Actually, that was an experience we can learn from, the last couple games.

    • Yao Ming: Swift brings a lot of energy. The guy can play, so we have more choices. He's a great cutter. With his size and jumping, he's hard to stop.

    • Yao Ming: The last two home games, we really didn't play well. Tonight in the fourth quarter, we played like a team and stayed together. We also played team defense to close the game.

    • Yao Ming: I think we lose concentration at the end of the third quarter and the start of the fourth quarter - think the game is done. In this league, nothing is easy.

    • Yao Ming: I feel very good right now. Since I came to the Rockets, since I came back from the surgery, my body feels the best right now. I'm using the skill right now. But I'm still looking forward.

    • Yao Ming: When Tracy is out of the game, it's really hard for us to get open shots. That puts more pressure on me and I had to play much harder.

    • Yao Ming: When Tracy is out of the game, it's really hard for us to get open shots. Tonight we were having a hard time getting to the hoop, but we were able to play good defense.

    • Yao Ming: We wasted a lot of our lead. We had two completely different halves against the same opponent.

    • Yao Ming: It's getting a lot easier. I'm getting used to it.

    • Yao Ming: The NBA life has made me grow up a lot. I have not just grown up in my basketball skills, it's made me stronger and tougher.

    • Yao Ming: I saw them when I was 5 or 6 years old in China in my hometown, Shanghai. That's the only game I watched them. I think I would like to watch them play.

    • Yao Ming: The Lakers game really hurt us, hurt our confidence. If you cannot do something after that, we shouldn't be here.

    • Yao Ming: The Lakers game, to us, wasn't good. There was nothing good from that night. We can't allow ourselves to play like that again.

    • Yao Ming: If we want to beat great teams, we cannot play without Tracy. Our opponent did not play well tonight, so we could get the win. But the next game, we need Tracy -- not a little support, but a lot of support.

    • Yao Ming: We are doing well. But we must do more. We are always looking forward.

    • Yao Ming: I think I'm still not in great shape now because it's only been two games. We struggled scoring in the fourth quarter and let them back in the game. But we played pretty good defense the last couple of minutes.

    • Yao Ming: Everything is going well. I'm getting close.

    • Yao Ming: I remember my first game was here, my first preseason game. It was the first night I got here. He took me to the Hard Rock on the River Walk. I'm really upset about this. I can't believe it. Life is very fragile.

    • Yao Ming: He gave me a couple sweet passes today. Those passes were on time and on target, like Jeff says.

    • Yao Ming: All I did was follow the trainer's schedule (of workouts). I feel pretty healthy. Upon my return to Houston, I'll be totally healthy.

    • Yao Ming: All I did was follow the trainer's (workout) schedule. I feel pretty healthy. Upon my return to Houston, I'll be totally healthy.

    • Yao Ming: It was a very big win for us, not because it was four wins in a row, but it was mentally tough. We struggled, but I knew we could get back in this game.

    • Yao Ming: That's just trusting my teammate. Ryan, I didn't know who it is. All I know it was a red jersey, under the basket and wide open.

    • Yao Ming: I think before we (left) Houston that this trip would maybe be a turning point for out team. We are like a new team. It started that first night, when we played Sacramento. We had some trouble in that game but did not give up.

    • Yao Ming: I couldn't catch the ball in the post. I had to set more screens on the perimeter to try to and get the defender off my body.

    • Yao Ming: Everybody knows he's a super scorer. Also, he's a great passer. He had some turnovers tonight, but in a few games, those turnovers will turn into assists.

    • Yao Ming: The talk has got to change. We need to do it for ourselves -- talk the talk and walk the walk.

    • Yao Ming: With their shooting range, it took so long to recover. It's like when we play Dallas, when they have (big nights shooting).

    • Yao Ming: We still need to look forward. The way Miami will miss Shaq, they'll still need to play. Well, the league is not waiting for us or for Tracy to come back. We've got to hang in there. We can do better than that

    • Yao Ming: I think we'll have a good year. Right now, Tracy and me have one year of experience. We know how to play together.

    • Yao Ming: Physically, I may still be needing a little bit. I think I may need a suit of armor.

    • Yao Ming: It was like if I didn't keep reminding myself, I'd make mistakes.

    • Yao Ming: I'm just one of the 1.3 billion Chinese.

    • Yao Ming: I love this game.

    • Yao Ming: The victory was right in front of our face. If we could have gotten one or two more rebounds, it would have been in our pocket.

    • Yao Ming: This is the best game China has ever played against the Koreans. I don't think any team, even the US team, could hold South Korea to only two points in a quarter.

    • Yao Ming: I understand that this is a great example of Mr. Alexander's trust in me.

    • Yao Ming: Her talent and poise is what's very compelling for companies. Her ethnicity is icing on the cake.

    • Yao Ming: It was not difficult because I love Houston and I have very good teammates. Our team is getting stronger. Everything is getting comfortable for me.

    • Yao Ming: I can put more energy into next season and future seasons now that the matter has been put aside. This was something in my mind and my heart is always in Houston.

    • Yao Ming: Since this exchange, our team's gained renewed space to lift-off, and this space I think can take us all the way to the championship.

    • Yao Ming: I have Mr. Alexander's trust and the chance to play in Houston. I believe I will have a great career in Houston. I want to win a championship in Houston and playing with Tracy McGrady, I believe we can do.

    • Yao Ming: I can put more energy into next season and future seasons without that worry of contracts.

    • Yao Ming: I just started playing basketball and I feel pretty healthy. I feel by the time I return to Houston I will be completely healthy.

    • Yao Ming: I don't think I can play in the National Games. My contract (with the Rockets) d oesn't allow me though I really want to play (in the Games).

    • Yao Ming: The NBA is a big family, and I think of all these rookies as my brothers. I still believe I am blue collar among the All-Stars.

    • Yao Ming: The NBA is a big family, and I think of all these rookies as my brothers. I still believe I am blue collar among the All-Stars.

    • Yao Ming: Everybody is improving but I am improving slowly, which seemingly widens our distance.

    • Yao Ming: Basketball, in America, is like a culture. It is like a foreigner learning a new language. It is difficult to learn foreign languages and it will also be difficult for me to learn the culture for basketball here.

    • Yao Ming: First of all, I'm not buff enough. I got pushed away from the basket. And even when I didn't, I couldn't get anyone to throw me a pass.

    • Yao Ming: We didn't end the game well. We were ahead by nine points with about three minutes left and then we didn't handle the ball well against the full court press. It became (a close) game. We have to know our opponent's strength.

    • Yao Ming: We were really guarding people. Our individual defense and our team defense were the difference. We did that well from the start of the game.

    • Yao Ming: Nobody likes to lose. Down the stretch, we have to know we're playing for something, anything, just to win.

    • Yao Ming: Usually I like going to the paint because I could get close shots, or physical contact and get a foul. Today, they didn't call it so I was afraid to go inside.

    • Yao Ming: Those gave us confidence going on to win the game. He made a couple of big shots.

    • Yao Ming: Nobody likes to lose. Down the stretch with our record, we have to know we have something, any reason for the win.

    • Yao Ming: They put a lot of pressure on me.

    • Yao Ming: For me, it's a breath of fresh air when we make a couple of shots from the outside. That takes a lot of pressure off me and my game. Before we make some shots, everything has to go inside and it's just too crowded. When our guards make some outside shots, we're able to move some stuff around better.

    • Yao Ming: We had some good plays in a row in a couple of minutes. They called time out. They adjusted offensively and defensively, and we were just like before.

    • Yao Ming: I'm not tired of playing, not tired of scoring. I'll do anything the team wants me to do.

    • Yao Ming: I can tell you after the San Antonio game (Saturday). I know what happened (on the practice court) today; I don't know how it will end on Saturday. If it ends good, we can say today is a turning, bounce-back day. If not, it's just a normal day.

    • Yao Ming: No matter whether you are new or an old team member, you need time to adjust to one another.

  • One of the NBA's greatest centers.

    Yao Ming is probably the greatest center from China that particpates in the National Basketball Association of the United States. I'm serious. This dude has skills!

    First things first. Its weird how people have gotten used to call him by his last name first, and his first name last. Seriously. Yao, though it sounds more like a Chinese first name, is actually his last name. Ming is his first name, so he would actually be Ming Yao. Kind of weird, actually. Well not exactly weird, but interesting...

    Second of all, have you seen this dude play? He really can do a lot of damage to opponents. Points, (averages 22.2 points per game coming into the All-Star Break) rebounds, (averages 10.8 rebounds per game coming into the All-Star Break) and even has racked up an average of 2.4 assists per game. So of course, he has earned him another spot in the 2008 All-Star Game with 1,709,108 votes.

    And Ming Yao.. since Tracy McGrady is having more off games than "on games", the Houston Rockets are having to depend more on Yao than T-Mac.moreless
  • The greatest story in sports history.

    When Yao first came to America, he was aroused by how different his old home was compared to this new place. Being the first overall pick while not playing in either the NCAA or American High School really questioned Houston's selection. In his first game, he performed terribly, and screams of bust were already rolling through Yao's brain. Stephon Marbury even had the honour of crossing over the giant, making him fall while the entire bench laughs. Things weren't looking so good for Yao Ming, until he finally started adapting into the harsh atmosphere of the NBA. He finally had the chance to battle against the current monster of the NBA, Shaquille O'neal, and outperformed him in a grueling battle. Yao Ming's Rockets prevailed, and Ming's NBA Career started to flourish.

    There's no other story that is as inspirational as Yao Ming's story. For those of you who watched Year of the Yao, while it does sound like a corny attempt to cash in on Yao's popularity, it is by far the best athletic documentary out there. I watched him in his rookie year, cheering him on solely because he was asian, but little did I realize of the trials he had to face with being a giant, being Chinese, and being the first overall pick. The softness within him started being scraped away when the roughness of the NBA players started scratching it, and his monster within him bursted out. Yao really is a wonderful player, currently the best center in the NBA with Shaq's decline. He has all the credentials to be a great center, and he has fought through everything that was thrown into his face. There's really no way you can hate on Yao Ming, because he does absolutely nothing to warrant hate, especially with what he had to endure.moreless