Yasmine Bleeth





6/14/1968 , New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Yasmine Amanda Bleeth




Yasmine Bleeth, best known for her role as Caroline Holden on the long running series "Baywatch," was born June 14, 1968 to Phillip and Corina Bleeth. Yasmine has been in the acting business since the age of 6 months when she appeared in Johnson & Johnson ads. Yasmine was also featured in the movie Hey Babe at age 14. Yasmine has appeared in numerous TV movies including The Lake and Crowned and Dangerous. After four years on Baywatch, Yasmine hung up the red bathing suit for business suits and a badge as Caitlin Cross on Nash Bridges.

After a short time on the series she left and joined Aaron Spelling's series Titans. The series didn't do as well as expected and was cancelled after 13 episodes. As her career began to fall apart, Yasmine turned to cocaine and soon became addicted. After a nearly fatal car accident while she was under the influence, Yasmine was arrested and pled guilty and received a fine and 2000 hours of community service. Yasmine admitted herself to Promises rehab center where she met Paul Cerrito. Yasmine and Paul recently married at an island resort.