Yeniffer Behrens

Yeniffer Behrens


10/7/1976, Caracas, Venezuela

Birth Name

Yeniffer Mercedes Behrens



Also Known As

Jeniffer Behrens, Yenniffer Behrens, Yennifer Behrens
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Yeniffer Behrens was born in Caracas, Venezuela but her grandfather's position as a diplomat led to the family's move to Washington, D.C. when she was just 3 years old. Even as a small child, Yeniffer's dazzling smile and effervescent personality were easily apparent and she was inspired to…more


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    • Most people ask about the unique spelling of her name. Well here's how she got the Y in her name… She had always written her name as Jeniffer with a "J", with one "n" and two "f"s until she was 15 and applying for her driver's permit. When she saw the finished permit, Yeniffer mentioned to the clerk that she had made a mistake and accidentally misspelled her name with a "Y". It was then that the clerk pointed out to Yeniffer that the name on the permit was printed exactly as it was written on her birth certificate. To her astonishment, this is when Yeniffer first discovered that her name was actually spelled with a "Y"! Her parents were also surprised and then confirmed that the unique spelling was actually due to a typographical error committed at the hospital when she was born.

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