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Yin Chang is a rising Chinese American actress. Yin was born in New York and has lived there ever since. Her acting career began in commercials and advertisements for numerous companies including Best Buy, Verizon, Mastercard and MTV. She has guest starred on Six Degrees, and both Lawmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Yin Chang started acting as a teenager.

    • Since landing a role on

    • Yin Chang considered dropping out of college and moving to LA, but her parents convinced her to continue her education.

    • Yin Chang's first movie role was in 2007's Paper Girl in which she plays Peiyu a girl sent away from home for a better life who faces immoral foster parents.

    • Yin Chang is represented by CESD and managed by JMM, but for theatrical and legit she is represented by Abrams Artists Agency.

    • Yin Chang owns a jewelery company named LeliMelo that sells handcrafted designs and is named after her two sisters Leli and Melo Chang.

    • Yin Chang started acting after flying to L.A. on a whim for an acting competition where she scored first place in five categories and found a manager.

    • In addition to a career in acting, Yin Chang intends on writing children books.

    • Yin Chang's role in Gossip Girl was originally supposed to be as a rich and callous character much like Blair Waldorf, but it was changed into a nerdy character.

    • Yin Chang is a classically trained pianist.

    • Yin Chang attends Hunter College where she majors in Creative Writing and Media.

    • Yin Chang attended John Robert Powers acting classes on Long Island, New York starting in 2006.

    • Yin Chang's father is Taiwanese and her mother is Chinese.

    • *She was in a prom theme Verizon Wireless commercial in 2007.
      *Principal feature in the Best Buy Back-To-School Print Campaign in over 250 stores nation-wide. Also seen in their catalogues and website.
      *Appeared in the Best Buy Back-To-School Theme National Commercial.
      *Appeared in the Mead School Supplies National Commercial.

  • Quotes

    • Yin Chang:(On giving advice to aspiring actors): Don't give up. I know it sounds cliché, but it's true. I've booked a few guest spots on TV and national commercials here and there but they weren't consistent. Thank goodness I have a very loving and supporting family and other things to keep me busy, or I would have been a bit upset. Just consistently study your craft, work hard and keep auditioning. If you don't land the audition, think of it as practice. I know rejections are hard, but try not to take it personally. And it's always best to do other things besides acting so you have something else to concentrate on if you don't get a role. I think a lot of luck and timing also play a huge role in it. It makes me upset when I hear my actor-friends giving up their dreams. I know their time will come where a role is just perfect for them, and it wouldn't be fair to them if they just gave up. Sooner or later, you'll get there! The very best of luck!

    • Yin Chang: I keep my acting life separate from school. I have no real friends [at Hunter]. I commute an hour and a half, so I don't have time to linger and socialize.

    • Yin Chang: My parents wanted me to be a doctor or a pharmacist but they are still really supportive. They kept me motivated to stay home [and go to college] and I'm glad I did because now I have something to fall back on.

    • Yin Chang: (On her role on Gossip Girl) Before the shoot, I was doing a fitting and the stylist told me they want me to play a stereotypical Asian nerd. I wasn't offended but I was like 'Wow, can't there be a normal Asian girl.' But I've never played a nerd or anything so it is fun.

  • I really only knew about Yin Chang when I saw her in Gosssip Girl. She is so cute as Nelly Yuki! My friends and I were obsessed with making inside jokes about Nelly Yuki for months! like the whole "i hate shopping" and "lactose intolerant" is pricelessmoreless

    I really only knew about Yin Chang when I saw her in Gosssip Girl. She is so cute as Nelly Yuki! My friends and I were obsessed with making inside jokes about Nelly Yuki for months! like the whole "i hate shopping" and "lactose intolerant" is priceless and we kept using her lines when we were in our cafeteria. My friends and I were shocked when we looked up her IMDB page because we did not expect her to look so pretty. She was so cute as Nelly Yuki but she's beautiful in real life. I saw her Law and Order: SVU episode as the punk girl and was impressed that she could act like a total b*tch and range as a completely nerdy character. She's definitely now one of my favorites because I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl and her character really stood out in a good way!moreless