Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins


1/1/1996, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

D-Roc (D'Angelo Holmes) & Kaine (Eric Jackson)



Also Known As

Ying Yang, D-Roc, Kaine, Ying Yangs
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The Ying Yang Twins are a souther hip-hop duo. They're not really twins, but they're really close friends. They make souther crunk and hip-hop music. Together, they have been very successful making music.


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    • Kaine: We make things with a catchy vibe, so that you'll be eager to want to get to know the song. It's like if you want to holler at a female, you're going to step your mouthpiece up real good before you say what you're getting ready to say to her because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

    • Kaine: We're built to last. We make it catchy so that you'll want to sing along. You know a hit when you hear it first because you don't know how to react.

    • D-Roc: (About their track "Calling All Zonesz) You've got to send love to the home team. That's basically the reason for it. It's going to be the jam that everybody wants to hear because it's just for Atlanta.

    • D-Roc: (About Grey Goose) When it first came out, it was something that we were crunk off of. Everything just comes from tripping. We just sit around and come up with something that somebody else ain't gonna come up with. We sit around and trip. We're some quick-witted trash-talkers. With trash-talking comes a brain because I've got to talk faster than you if you're talking trash. That's how our songs come about. We talk trash, formulate it, put it together and then it becomes a song. We're like two cartoon characters. Cartoon characters are always tripping. That's how we come up with everything that we do.

    • Kaine: We aim to please everybody. All we want to do is keep smiles on everybody's faces.

    • Kaine: (About the forming of the Ying Yang Twins) At the time we were doing this other project called True Dawgs but the record company didn't know what to do with us or our style of music.

    • D-Roc: (About their song "Whistle While You Twirk") We really just put that song out for the strip clubs in the ATL. We didn't plan on that song getting Universal's attention 'cause everybody don't know what Magic City, Blue Flame or Foxy Lady was.

    • Kaine: (About their album "Chemically Inbalanced) We renamed it that because we're totally opposite, we are never on the same page but we wind up in the same place. It has everything to do with chemistry and how we interact with each other- individually we are inbalanced but together we equal each other out.

    • Kaine: Where I come from, real thugs have heart. They listen to reason. They're not fake. Every time they get drunk or high they getting' all loud with somebody. Naw, our definition of a thug is just somebody trying to get through life in the ghetto.