Yoanna House

Yoanna House


4/9/1980, Jacksonville, Florida

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Yoanna House


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Yoanna House was born on April 9th, 1980 in Jacksonville, Florida to her Canadian father and Mexican mother. She was enrolled at Bishop Kenny High School. Growing up, House was fascinated with fashion and became a contestant on cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model. Before the show,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the reasons why I got into fashion!

    I'm glad that Yoanna won America's Next Top Model, because she accually wanted it the most out of every one! Now that she going into Fashion, she goty me hooked on to it. On the show, she cared about the other girls, and got to know them. For someone who had to put up with the Top Model Judges, and is now fullfilling her fashion dream, she really knows what to do. She Wont let anyone forget that!moreless
  • Yoanna House, winner of ANTM cycle 2, is just gorgeous. She is my all time favourite of all the other contestants who ever participate to ANTM.

    From the beginning I saw her on the show, she really impressed me with her looks. Especially her face. It\'s so symmetric and really breathtaking. She made great pictures, beeing on this show. My favourite is the one where she is wearing a helmet. That picture really shows how symmetric her face is and how great her expression is, even when she is wearing a helmet. The season finally of ANTM cycle 2 made me so nervous, because Yoanna\'s competition was hard: Mercedes was also a great contestant. But Yoanna did a terrific job at the Dsquared2 fashionshow. I really thought that de clothes didn\'t go well on Yoanna, but it fits her like a glove. I was releaved when she won, because she\'s worth it. People better watch out because Yoanna is about to rock your world...moreless