Yojiro Harada

Yojiro Harada


1/1/1973, Tokyo, Japan

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Yoji, Harada Yōjirō
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The apprentice. Yoji serves a dual role as the parlor's apprentice – a role that is a combination of pledge in the roughest fraternity and the opening and closing crew.

Yoji, a native of Tokyo, is covered in ink (some of which is done by our crew).…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Yoji seems to have the patience of a saint. Dealing with the sometimes rather demeaning demands of the shop crew on a day to day basis, (particularily Ami's!) just underlines his passion for the art he has chosen to embrace.moreless

    Ok, so he's taking a bit longer than normal to develop his drawing skills and he can't seem to control his nervousness as Ami might wish but from an audience member's perspective he's just a great guy. As an apprentice tattoo artist he is, to the rest of the guys at the shop, a mere serf there to attend to their every whim. Yoji is technically Ami's apprentice and as well as enlightening Yoj as to the secrets of how to become a master tattoo artist he's also been known to make our man pick up his dry cleaning and even wax his entire car. Now, does Yoji complain about this treatment? Well, ok yes - a little. But at the end of the day he swallows his pride and knuckles down to do what he's asked.

    So basically what I'm saying is that Yoji's a pushover. He's week, spineless and naturally servile. Actually no I'm not. Yoji gets on and does these things because he truly loves the art he is learning to produce and he understands that this is what is expected of him in order for him to one day become a good tattoo artist. He also knows that if he doesn't do all that's expected of him there are hundreds of guys behind him who would kill for an apprenticeship with Ami James.

    The thing is, whilst Yoji is toiling away in an apprenticeship which could one day land him a very lucrative career in tattooing, he has a new family to support whilst he's barely earning. Things are tough for him, wife Bridget and new baby Sydney but it is a signal of the love between them that Yoji can work the hours he does, only making tips, and they still pull together and make things work. I think what makes Yoji such a televisual success is a mixture of his good natured, fun personality, his dogged perseverance and his passion for his art.

    Long live Yoji, the Miami Ink Yakuza!moreless