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    • Yolanda's song "If We Could Remember", "I Believe", and "I Wish" was part of the film soundtracks of The Sum of All Fears, Honey, and Happy Feet respectively.

    • Awards Won:
      1999 - Grammy Award for Contemporary Soul Gospel Album: Mountain High…Valley Low
      2000 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist-Contemporary
      2001 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist-Contemporary
      2001 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Female Artist
      2001 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Song: "Open My Heart"
      2001 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special: Soul Train Awards
      2001 - Grammy Award for Contemporary Soul Gospel Album: The Experience
      2002 - American Music Award for Contemporary Inspirational Favorite Artist
      2002 - NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist-Contemporary
      2005 - Grammy Award for Gospel Song: "Be Blessed"

    • Yolanda is an endorser of Visa credit card, being the face and voice of "The Columbia Card". Credit rebates on using this type of card goes to raising funds for churches.

    • Yolanda was once a lead singer of the Southeast Inspirational Choir. It was during her stint with the group that composer/producer Thomas Whitfield discovered her talent. He then helped her with the release of her first album Just As I Am under Sound of Gospel Records.

    • Yolanda became a spokesperson for the Operation Rebound program of the FILA corporation. Its primary goal is to address the needs of inner city school children.

    • Yolanda grew up listening to gospel artists like James Cleveland and the Edwin Hawkins Singers and R&B vocalists such as Stevie Wonder and Nancy Wilson.

    • Yolanda is the eldest of six siblings.

    • Yolanda has collaborated with formidable producers from the pop music industry such as Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Keith Thomas, who has worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams and Wynonna Judd.

    • Beginning Valentine's Day 2007, Yolanda can be heard on 14 radio stations across the United States in her radio program The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.

    • Yolanda has worked with organizations dealing with children's issues including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, The Children's Defense Fund, The Escape Center and other Houston-based charities.

    • Before singing, Yolanda was a schoolteacher and a part-time model.

    • Yolanda's music style is Gospel mixed with pop and R&B.

    • Yolanda is 6' 1" (1.85 m).

  • Quotes

    • Yolanda: I am one of those people that believes that if I am going through something, somebody else out there among those billions of people living on this Earth is going through something similar, if not the same thing.

    • Yolanda: Everything I've done has been a faith walk.

    • Yolanda: I believe that fans enhance your career. They draw out of me what they need and that's how I'm able to write the songs. It inspires me to feel their love and appreciation.

    • Yolanda: Education is one of the greatest rewards for me – not only to instruct young people but also to mold them into great thinkers.

    • Yolanda: (on having a daughter in her life during Christmas) Giving was the whole purpose for Christ's coming to Earth. But knowing that there's this little face that will wake up every Christmas morning, smile and say, 'Oh, Mommy I love you so much' because of my giving to her now is just too precious.

    • Yolanda: In our society, there are many things that come as a result of tragedy, emotional things. I feel like we don't address depression, grief, and loss in gospel music. We should because we have the answer to those questions.

    • Yolanda: I'm not one of those singers who wants to expand my audience at the expense of the people who already know my music. And I've grown both vocally and spiritually since my first album, through each phase of my career.

    • Yolanda: There is no way that I can make it the way I make it without God. He has to be the first voice I talk to in the morning and the last voice I hear at night.

    • Yolanda: I understand my purpose. I understand what I was put here for. I take that on every day of my life.