Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy


9/28/1977, Columbia, South Carolina

Birth Name

Jay Jenkins



Also Known As

Mr. 17.5, Jeezy The Snowman, Young Jeezy
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He is a popular rapper in the US. He has made many hits and worked with a lot of other artists.


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    • Young Jeezy: I have a way with words and I know how to hustle.

    • Young Jeezy: I did the mixtape run, but on mixtapes you can't really give people you.

    • Young Jeezy: Like my niggas, my older cousins was the first generation of niggas around here getting money. My cousin Jo Jo, Lil' Dave, so it was like I was with them. That's where I lived, me, my mom, my aunt and all us. We stayed in Mechanicsville, Decatur, it's just so many places. That's why I know all the niggas in the city and they know me. My family was like the niggas who was on, getting the money and shit. It was like everybody knew them so I was always known as lil' cuz. We was living with them so every time so we had to actually up and move too. I was all over. That's why I know niggas from the East Side, West Side, South Side. I really know every nigga around this muthafucka just on the strength of that. I think that's got a lot to do with why my shit is catching like it is because a lot of niggas know me and can vouch for me.

    • Young Jeezy: Georgia dog, because what it is, my family in southern Georgia and I was between ATL and there. I'm from GA. I've been in South Georgia and ATL all my life, back and forth. I think I left ATL came back and came back again. I wouldn't say one without the other. Niggas know I'm from the ATL and then niggas know me from being down that way.

    • Young Jeezy: CTE is my record label, Corporate Thugs Entertainment. Me and my nigga Kinky B own that. We're managed by Coach K. USDA is my group. My nigga Slick Pulla, and my nigga Fi Chief, and my nigga Big Dank and myself, that make up USDA -- United Streets Dopeboys of America. I'm about to drop a street album with the fam. We got a couple little singles off that. When we do our shows niggas love it.

    • Young Jeezy: There's always a good day when your head is above ground.

    • Young Jeezy: Let's get it!