Yul Brynner





7/7/1915 , Vladivostock, Czarist Russia (now Vladivostock, Russia)



Birth Name

Yul Borisovich Bryner




Yul Brynner is best known for his role as the King of Siam in the movie The King and I (for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor), for his role as Chris Adams in The Magnificent Seven and for his role as Ramses II inThe Ten Commandments.

Yul was married four times. His first wife was Virginia Gilmore, an actress. They were married from 1944 to 1960 and had one child, Yul Brynner II. His second wife was Doris Kleiner. Doris was a Chilean Model. They were married from 1960 to 1967. They had one child, Victoria Brynner, born in 1962. His third wife was Jacqueline de Croisset. Jacqueline was a French Socialite. They were married from 1971 to 1981. Together they adopted two Vietnamese children. Mia who was born in 1974 and Melody, born in 1975. Yul’s fourth wife was Kathy Lee. She was a dancer in The King and I shows. They got married in 1983. In addition to that, Yul had another child, Lark Brynner, born in 1958. Lark was born out of wedlock.

Yul died in 1985 from lung cancer. Nine months before his past away he gave an interview on Good Morning America. In the interview he mentioned wishing to make an anti smoking commercial. After his death part of the interview was turned into a public service announcement by the American Cancer Society. Yul is buried cemetery at the Saint-Michel-de-Bois-Aubry monastery in Luzé, France.