Yung Joc

Yung Joc


4/2/1983, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

Jasiel Robinson


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Yung Joc is an American rapper who is from Atlanta, Georgia. His first album, New Joc City, included the Grammy-nominated song "It's Goin' Down".


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    • Yung Joc: (Advice for aspiring artists) Just stay at it. Keep a positive mind.

    • Yung Joc: (What inspired him to write the song, Coffee Shop) I guess just wondering that when cops go into a coffee shop with they ever realize that man, every time you look up man, every time you look up in a coffee shop there are regular customers that are in and out right? There are all types of transactions taking place. There's a lot of hustlin' goin' on in coffee shops, man. Believe it or not. People are not having their business meeting, there's a lot goin' on. It reminded me of the hood. And the way I used to trap so I thought, hey I'm gonna do a song about it.

    • Yung Joc: (Personal goals he made while recording Hustlenomics) Yea, I wanted to give it my all. I wanted to give my last album my all but it was kinda rushed because It's Goin' Down came out and it was like "boom!" and I was like "Oh, I need to get this album out."

    • Yung Joc: (Some insight on his album, Hustlenomics) A lot of good music. I had to upgrade from last album. I really can't say much. It definitely is a more mature album that New Joc City.

    • Yung Joc: (Collaborating with T-Pain and how it affected his style of songwriting) Not really I mean it has let me know that I still am on board when I hit records. I had the option to deny the record and when I did that record with him it really helped Pain spring board back on top. I was happy that I was able to really help him.

    • Yung Joc: (Handling success and how he feels about it) It feels good. Good to know that people are receptive of what I do and who I am and the movement and the label, Block Entertainment, ya know, and Bad Boy, it feels good, I am truly blessed. I mean what more can I say?

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