Yunjin Kim





11/7/1973 , Seoul, South Korea

Birth Name




Touted as the "Korean Julia Roberts", Yunjin Kim is already an distinguished actress in her homeland of Korea and throughout Asia, especially for her work in the film Shiri. She was born in Seoul and lived in Korea until she was ten when her family emigrated to the United States. She was raised in Staten Island, New York.

Yunjin graduated from the New York High School of Performing Arts, and went on to study drama at the London Academy of Performing Arts. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from Boston University. She has been trained for acting at British American Drama Academy and has also attended Oxford University.

After doing projects in her homeland Korea, Yunjin established an acting career in the United States, getting minor parts on MTV, ABC, and Broadway. In 2004, she was cast as Sun Kwon on ABC's sci-fi drama, Lost. She bought a house in Hawaii and has been residing there for the shooting of the hit show.