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  • Best actress from Lost...

    Yunjin Kim is by far the best actress on Lost, people like Evangeline Lilly abd Elizabeth Mitchell a lot on the show but I think Yunjin is the better actress. I have not really seen her in anything else apart from Lost so this whole opinoin on her acting comes from her playing Sun on the show. Sun has been through a lot on the show her attitude, behavour and relationships with other characters have changed and you can really see that Yunjin is a deverse actress she does a fantastic job on the show. Her scenes with Daniel Dae Kim are great.
  • I love her !

    Yunjin Kim is the best actress on Lost in my oponion. She's strong and confident and she knows when to act soft. Her development on the show is remarkable. From being the weak non-English speaking,controlled by her husband woman on the show to the weak woman with a broken heart and to finally the Sun we know now. The Sun who approached Widmore and almost killed Ben. The Sun that is willing to do anything for her husband. She really is an awesome actress. Sweet and lovable and really talented and she is gorgeous. I love her !! Sun is my favorite on the show. Hopefully after Lost she will get her own show. She does have potential :D
  • Sun from lost

    When I first started watching Lost, I kinda figured what character I would like and who I wouldn't. I have to admit at first Sun was one of those characters that I didn't like for one reason. I thought her character was weak. I am a very independent woman, and there is on way I would let a man run my life. But midway through the first season, Sun became her own individual and I was so proud when she finally stood up to Jin. She was on a role after that. Couldn't anybody mess with Sun. She doesn't play. I love her now!
  • She is absoutely beautiful.

    I love Yunjin's acting in Lost. If she is half as good as she is here when she performs in Asia, then dang, she must be pretty famous there too. She's really talented, I don't know why some people don't like her. Her character "Sun" on Lost is portrayed so magnificently (if that's a word) and it's just... total awe. The acting couldn't be any more well done. I'd say she is probably in my top 3 favorite characters of Lost, if I had to choose, I would choose her not to be killed off on the show. I love Yunjin, and I hope she makes a big career for herself in the US, because she certainly deserves it. Woot!
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  • A very talented actress.

    I had never heard of Yunjin Kim until her role of Sun in LOST. However, she is a very talented actress, and she deserves a lot more credit than she gets. She does a wonderful job portraying her character on LOST. I always enjoy her acting. Yunjin Kim has done a very good job representing her country of South Korea. I'm sure that her family is very proud. She is a very beautiful person. She always looks lovely. I hope that after LOST is over, she gets roles in other tv shows and movies. Yunjin Kim is a magnificent actress.
  • Wow, she is a great actress

    I find her the best character on Lost. If I had to pick one person that would never die, I would choose her. Her character is such a great person. You would never want anything to happen to Sun. She portrays the character of Sun brillianly, very brilliantly. There could be no possible person to play this better. Plus she is extremly easy to look at. I was watching the last episode...and thinking...WOW! She is gorgeous! Has she been in any other movies or TV shows? I'm surprised that she is not listed as have been in any other shows. Because she IS AMAZING!
  • empty

    Even though Yunjin is one of the minor characters on Lost, she is a brilliant actress. My favourite parts with her was when the truth came out about how she could speak English.
  • Great actress!

    She is probably the best actress on lost! Wow she plays such a big role. People don’t really realize it but she is such a great character on lost! She is a great character because you can see her growth and how she fights for what she never could have when she was back in her own country. You can see from her flashback episodes that she was from a high ranking home with a lot of money and that made her be secluded and not be able to make her own choices. People don’t realize this because her part isn’t that emphasized in the real show which I think it should be because she is a great actress! She is great because she plays such a great role and she plays it well. I would love to see more of her in this next season and I think I will get my wish!
  • Pleasure to watch.

    Yunjin Kim is playing the character of Sun on LOST. She is very beautiful as far as her looks are concerned. Has got a really sweet smile. It is because of her beauty that she is called Julia Roberts of Korea, this is a big honour. Therefore, she should have been a bigger star than she currently is. She auditioned for the character of Kate in Lost but the producers didn't think she was capable enough. This sounds ridiculous because she has had carried out the lead role of the most successful Korean film which broke Titanic's record in the country. In the end, it was the choice of producers. But it can be seen that her current role which has a lot of importance in the main plot of Lost has been carried out brilliantly. But she definitely deserves more name, respect and honour than she currently gets.
  • She represents her country well.

    Yunjin Kim is and amazing actor from Seoul, Korea. She is big star in Asia and hopes to win even the hearts of people all over the world when she started an acting career in America. Her character, Sun, is married to Jin. They were happily married until Sun's dad got to far and started getting Jin to do his dirty work for him. Since then he has done nothing but treat Sun like a dog. Recently Jin has started treating Sun with respect due to what is known to be a baby that they share. Yunjin Kim is an amazing and gorgeous actress that will be in much more Tv dramas.
  • Underrated but Very talented & pretty!

    I hope and pray that they will use her more
    As well as know that she is talented and also
    Very pretty! She should be a bigger star as well as
    Have a much bigger role on the show. I hope and pray
    That she will have a bigger role if producers have their way. Not to mention she dances and knows martial arts.
  • Scriptwriters were initially a little bit behind the times with the submissive asian female stereotype thing. Never-the-less have pulled off a coup in successfully illustrating the dynamic between duty, honour & self fulfilment.

    A fine actress with a cool demeanour. Unlike the other female characters in LOST Yunjin portrays a slightly more ‘ordinary’ & plausible woman trying her best to come to terms with what’s happened & at the same time putting her own life into perspective.
    The other women in LOST are either demanding, foot stamping ‘Public School Types’ demanding Sun-Cream or for someone else to be bashed up or they are pseudo Rambo types, (like all of a sudden the plane was full of female Green Berets or Navy Seals?,… yeah, right!) I like the character ‘Sun’, for me she’s the cool dude in complete mayhem. When everyone is rushing around to either rescue someone or to build something she’s there with what seems a simple role, but believe me it’s much harder to play that kind of role than one that’s jumping around the place like an idiot.
    Yunjin is no Hollywood babe, but she isn’t a bad looking girl either. She has that ordinary, work-a-day wife feel about her that’s attractive. For me she’s the most ‘real’ character on the set & the scriptwriters have no worries with burn-out with her character as she is paced a couple of notches down from the others with plenty of scope to develop. Although one concern is that most of her character is built up by the Flashbacks & when they run dry more work will have to be done in developing her character in the here & now.
    I liked the subtle flirtatious tension with Michael in the initial episodes & I think they (scriptwriters) did well not to make anything of it so early on as it has left viewers wondering if that will ever be revisited, again bringing into question honour, duty & self fulfilment, as well as dealing with cultural taboos.
    I think she is critiqued unfairly in one or two previous reviews as subjective comments were made about her as a person rather than the character she portrays. That’s fine, but for me she remains the not just the most plausible character but also the one out of the lot I’d rather be shipwrecked with!
    In real life Yunjin seems to a competent, confident actress with a promising career ahead of her. Go girl!
  • The famous woman from another Land.

    In her homeland, Korea and around all areas of Asia she has became a very well known distinguished actress. Primarily for her work on the film "Sheri".

    Born in Seoul, she was raised in NY and is now acting on some of the more major American television shows. Currently, you can see her on the fresh new ABC hit drama show "Lost", new episodes airing every Wednesday at 9PM.

    "Lost" is probably the biggest role she has been in so far through her career, she plays shy, lovable character 'Sun-Soo Kwon'.

    Her acting talents are perfectly suited for the role and she likes to bring aspects of her own life onto the show.

    Seen by many people as not 'the most attractive' member of the Lost cast - in real life she is stunning. Being able to speak two languages fluently also is a great gift.

    As always, I wish the best of luck to her in the future as I am sure she will do greatly in all of her endeavours.

  • Perfectly Cast!

    Without Yunjin-kim the character of Sun would not be the same. An actress was needed to portray a woman with severly high levels of empathy and strengh as well as the ability to come across as a loyal wife yet independent woman at the same time, which is never an easy task to fulfill.
    She makes the role look effortless, a sign of any great actor.
    Kim and her co-star who plays Jin are so good in their respective roles that you could easily believe they are a real life couple.
    As the series progresses I expect her charcter to show her potential and come into the main focus much more.
    Besides being a great actress she also looks wonderful too.
    The sun always shines.
  • Terrible Actress, No Talent, She really should get LOST

    She has to be the Worst thing about Lost, her acting out of 10 is 2 at best. Only has one type of acting, which is basic and she's even poor at that. She has a really annoying face and her facial expressions irritate me, and her mouth is always in an O shape which is also very irritating. I have nothing against where she is from as Daniel Dae Kim is one of my favourite actors. And she is not worthy of playing his on screen Wife. Not a joy to watch, boring, sameish, irritating, and many more. Anybody who is korean and female could probably do a better job than her on Lost, she is simply AWFUL.
  • very pretty

    I would like to see a lot more of her work, but she is great as Sun on LOST, the right mix of sweet gentleness, and A Store of hidden strengh, and Yungin, protrays this with an absolute ease..
    one of the better charecters on the show I wish she would get more airtime
  • Sun is my favorite female in Lost. She is very talented and makes a great character on the hit show.

    Yunjin Kim plays Sun Kwon on the hit show Lost. She is beautiful, and talented, etc all in one package.
    We first got to know Sun when we saw how harshly she was treated by her husband, Jin. She had no personal freedom as she had to clothe the right way to please him, clean herself to please him, and avoid communication with other suvivors in order to please him.
    We saw Sun's husband, Jin, beat Michael up because Michael had his watch, even though Michael didn't know it was his. All the survivors were questioning Michael to see what happened, since Jin couldn't speak English. But Sun later explained to Michael about the watch, and Michael then gave it back to Jin. This was the first time we saw Sun speak English, as only her and now Michael knew.
    Sun learned to speak English so she could escape her husband because of his work. He would do mafia work for Sun's father, in exchange for marrying Sun. She wanted to escape to America from her father and from Jin. But we later found out that Jin didn't like doing the work, he only did it for he and Sun. And he planned to escape with Sun to America, but Sun didn't know this. When she had the chance to go to America and escape her father and Jin, she didn't because she realized how much she loved her husband and wanted to stay with him.
    Jin and Sun were taking a trip to America so he could deliver watches for her father. But Jin planned on staying there with Sun to avoid further work from her father. She did not know this and was going to take a seperate trip to America in order to escape her husband. And that's when she decided to stay with him. However, the plane that they were taking to LA crashed, and here they are.
    Sun healed Shannon's asthma attack with herbs. She also started her own garden for the survivors.
    Sun shocked everyone except Michael and Kate(who also knew) when she spoke English in order to get everyone to know Jin didn't burn the raft. Jin felt betrayed by this and decided to help Michael, Walt and Sawyer build the raft. However, Jin later told Sun that the reason he was leaving the island was because he wanted to find someone to rescue her and the others.
    Sun is my favorite female in Lost. She is very talented and makes a great character on the hit show.
    Season 1(8.0)