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  • The famous woman from another Land.

    In her homeland, Korea and around all areas of Asia she has became a very well known distinguished actress. Primarily for her work on the film "Sheri".

    Born in Seoul, she was raised in NY and is now acting on some of the more major American television shows. Currently, you can see her on the fresh new ABC hit drama show "Lost", new episodes airing every Wednesday at 9PM.

    "Lost" is probably the biggest role she has been in so far through her career, she plays shy, lovable character 'Sun-Soo Kwon'.

    Her acting talents are perfectly suited for the role and she likes to bring aspects of her own life onto the show.

    Seen by many people as not 'the most attractive' member of the Lost cast - in real life she is stunning. Being able to speak two languages fluently also is a great gift.

    As always, I wish the best of luck to her in the future as I am sure she will do greatly in all of her endeavours.