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  • Scriptwriters were initially a little bit behind the times with the submissive asian female stereotype thing. Never-the-less have pulled off a coup in successfully illustrating the dynamic between duty, honour & self fulfilment.

    A fine actress with a cool demeanour. Unlike the other female characters in LOST Yunjin portrays a slightly more ‘ordinary’ & plausible woman trying her best to come to terms with what’s happened & at the same time putting her own life into perspective.
    The other women in LOST are either demanding, foot stamping ‘Public School Types’ demanding Sun-Cream or for someone else to be bashed up or they are pseudo Rambo types, (like all of a sudden the plane was full of female Green Berets or Navy Seals?,… yeah, right!) I like the character ‘Sun’, for me she’s the cool dude in complete mayhem. When everyone is rushing around to either rescue someone or to build something she’s there with what seems a simple role, but believe me it’s much harder to play that kind of role than one that’s jumping around the place like an idiot.
    Yunjin is no Hollywood babe, but she isn’t a bad looking girl either. She has that ordinary, work-a-day wife feel about her that’s attractive. For me she’s the most ‘real’ character on the set & the scriptwriters have no worries with burn-out with her character as she is paced a couple of notches down from the others with plenty of scope to develop. Although one concern is that most of her character is built up by the Flashbacks & when they run dry more work will have to be done in developing her character in the here & now.
    I liked the subtle flirtatious tension with Michael in the initial episodes & I think they (scriptwriters) did well not to make anything of it so early on as it has left viewers wondering if that will ever be revisited, again bringing into question honour, duty & self fulfilment, as well as dealing with cultural taboos.
    I think she is critiqued unfairly in one or two previous reviews as subjective comments were made about her as a person rather than the character she portrays. That’s fine, but for me she remains the not just the most plausible character but also the one out of the lot I’d rather be shipwrecked with!
    In real life Yunjin seems to a competent, confident actress with a promising career ahead of her. Go girl!