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  • Sun is my favorite female in Lost. She is very talented and makes a great character on the hit show.

    Yunjin Kim plays Sun Kwon on the hit show Lost. She is beautiful, and talented, etc all in one package.
    We first got to know Sun when we saw how harshly she was treated by her husband, Jin. She had no personal freedom as she had to clothe the right way to please him, clean herself to please him, and avoid communication with other suvivors in order to please him.
    We saw Sun's husband, Jin, beat Michael up because Michael had his watch, even though Michael didn't know it was his. All the survivors were questioning Michael to see what happened, since Jin couldn't speak English. But Sun later explained to Michael about the watch, and Michael then gave it back to Jin. This was the first time we saw Sun speak English, as only her and now Michael knew.
    Sun learned to speak English so she could escape her husband because of his work. He would do mafia work for Sun's father, in exchange for marrying Sun. She wanted to escape to America from her father and from Jin. But we later found out that Jin didn't like doing the work, he only did it for he and Sun. And he planned to escape with Sun to America, but Sun didn't know this. When she had the chance to go to America and escape her father and Jin, she didn't because she realized how much she loved her husband and wanted to stay with him.
    Jin and Sun were taking a trip to America so he could deliver watches for her father. But Jin planned on staying there with Sun to avoid further work from her father. She did not know this and was going to take a seperate trip to America in order to escape her husband. And that's when she decided to stay with him. However, the plane that they were taking to LA crashed, and here they are.
    Sun healed Shannon's asthma attack with herbs. She also started her own garden for the survivors.
    Sun shocked everyone except Michael and Kate(who also knew) when she spoke English in order to get everyone to know Jin didn't burn the raft. Jin felt betrayed by this and decided to help Michael, Walt and Sawyer build the raft. However, Jin later told Sun that the reason he was leaving the island was because he wanted to find someone to rescue her and the others.
    Sun is my favorite female in Lost. She is very talented and makes a great character on the hit show.
    Season 1(8.0)