Yuri Lowenthal





3/5/1971 , Alliance, Ohio, USA

Birth Name




Compared by some to a young Sean Penn, Yuri Lowenthal is racking up solid roles that are rapidly propelling him through the ranks of young leading men. His deep blue eyes and boyish face give him a deceptively playful appearance, hiding a grounded and truthful approach to his work. These traits are in part rooted in his worldly background and experiences abroad.

Born in Ohio, the son of a Foreign Service officer, Yuri grew up all over the United States as well as Africa and Europe. Graduating from the College of William and Mary with a degree in East Asian studies, extensive theatre training and fluent in Japanese, French, and German, Yuri took a job in Japan with the Japanese government before moving to New York two years later to pursue acting professionally.

His first notable film role came as Pvt. Linus Tabeshaw in the 2002 WWII drama In Small Things Remembered, followed soon after by the romantic comedy Model Chaser. Lowenthal then branched out into voice over work gaining recognition as the voice of the Prince in the highly acclaimed video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003) as well as on Cartoon Network's new series Rave Master (2004) as Haru Glory, the Ravemaster.