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  • I think everyone knows him as the va for sasuke uchiha from the naruto dub.

    Usually the most recognizable voice next to johnny bosch. Its so sucks that he got keigo asano on bleach. I couldn't even recognize him for once. Keigo is barely on the show so we wont hear him much. Mar marchen awakens romance was canned so there goes that gig. Bright side at least he has the Naruto and .hack videogames to work on in his down time. He also should try to get a better va job on bleach. I'm sure that he'd be perfect as grimjow. He's had alot of videogame roles. he was haseo from the dot hack series and he voiced the nameless character in persona 3. he usually goes for the strong silent types who are stone cold calculators. He's the best male voice actor along with Johnny Bosch.