Yuri Shiratori

Yuri Shiratori


8/20/1968, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Birth Name

Shiratori Yuri


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Yuri Shiratori is a talented seiyuu (voice actress) and well-known J-Pop singer born on August 20, 1968. She has worked in several different animes and has played voices for numerous characters. Some of her most known roles includes Hatoko Kobayashi in Angelic Layer, Nanami Kiryuu in Revolutionary Girlmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At the very end of the public recording of "Parachute Tenchi na Christmas" Yuri got behind the Bandai toy booth and began selling her own game, "Playdia". She also offered to shake hands with anyone who bought her game.

    • On December 17, 1995, Yuri asked other seiyuu at a public recording of the radio special "Parachute Tenchi na Christmas" if anyone had any good memories of Christmas. After nobody raised their hands, Yuri replied by telling them that she didn't either, but that she'd like to go to France and spend Christmas someday.

    • On December 25, 1994, Yuri appeared in an article in the Japanese seiyuu reference book, Character Voice Collection Joseihen 1 provided by the popular Japanese magazine Newtype, the CV Collection. Yuri's spread covered 6 pages that included photos, anime voice information, personal information, and an interview.

    • Yuri enjoys working with and even playing on computers.

    • On October 19, 1995, Yuri was a guest seiyuu on a Japanese talk show called the Say You Club. Here, Yuri sang "Atarashii Kutsu" (her newest single at the time) and also talked a bit about her new album that was about to be released, Caramel Pop.

    • On November 1, 1995, Yuri released her first full-length J-pop album, Caramel Pop. This CD contains 12 tracks total and the majority of the tracks have a similar feel and commonly slow songs. This album was arranged on a computer, took approximately one year to make, and Yuri even provided some of the lyrics.

    • On the 6 episode OAV Saber Marionette J Again, Yuri performed the 3rd ending theme song, "Heart Break Down". This was the ending theme to episode #3.

    • Yuri has made a guest appearance at more than 43 special events such as the "Bandai Character Festival Tonde Buurin" on August 14, 1995; the "Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Island" on July 23, 1997; and the "15th Anniversary Production IG World Tour 2002" on April 21, 2002.

    • Yuri's debut role as a seiyuu was on an anime series called Granzort. She played a guest character named Hilda.

    • The top 3 countries that Yuri would like to live in are Mongolia; Okinawa, Japan; and then London, England. Her reasons for wanting to move to these areas are that Mongolia is so big and wide that you could move around and not live in any one particular spot, Okinawa is a warm part of Japan and she's always going to cold places, and London has artists such as Duran Duran (she likes British music).

    • Yuri has voiced characters in over 13 Japanese video games such as Maria Robotnik in Sonic Adventure 2, Shiho in Valkyrie Profile, Aqua Kendrum in Super Robot Wars MX, and Rena Hirose in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.

    • Yuri's shoe size is 22.5 centimeters (6½ in womens).

    • Shiratori has previously worked for Arts Vision for a number of years and is currently affiliated with 81 Produce.

    • Shiratori weighs in at a mere 88 lbs(40 kilograms), and her 3 sizes are 78-60-83 centimeters.

    • Shiratori stands at 153 centimeters (5 feet 0 inches) tall.

    • Shiratori's blood type is O.

  • Quotes

    • Nobita: What kind of roles do you play often?
      Yuri: I think I play weak, gentle, dark characters.

    • Shinnosuke: How did you become a professional seiyuu?
      Yuri: There was an audition in my production company and I got accepted. It was free too. I didn't have any money.

    • Nobita: Is there any role that you want to do?
      Yuri: I would like to play a boy.
      Nobita: You've never played a boy before.
      Yuri: No. I would like to try a "nekketsu shounen" lead role.

    • Nobita: Did you always want to be a seiyuu?
      Yuri: I was in high school when I decided I want to be a seiyuu.
      Noriko: Why?
      Yuri: I don't like to do the same thing every day, like going to school or going to work. I thought that as an actress, I would be able to do different things every day. I get bored easily.

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