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The show that Yvette Fielding is most famous for is Blue Peter, a british show for children mainly and shows gadgets and interviews and so on. At 17, she became the youngest blue peter presenter ever.

She went on to win the SOS Award for the Most…more


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  • Why?Why? Would you produce a show and star in it about something you are deathly affraid of,the people who watch are curious about ghosts and the undead not staring at your scared face.want to lurn how to do a show watch ghost hunters WED on SIFI........moreless

    Let me see you sit at a table that moves holding a glass that moves and ask questions and get answers and you are very calm and collected and then you walk through the place and you hear a noise and you freak,and you bring that poor little scared girl that you hold on to and holds on to you for dear life and looks like she is ready to wet herself you are so sadistic! and if I wanted to see something like a ghost or a door open or something move it would have to jump out of your face because that is where the camera is pointed (we want to see something besides your face)and we couldent hear anything because you dont shut up long enough for anyone to hear anything.The places you go are very interesting but the way you do it is a @#$%@&* JOKE!!! Get a grip and lurn how to entertain.Stop being so melodramatic or go do some cartoons,You make me laugh but only at you, I hope you realy read this and fix the problum because it could be a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13UNDEAD13moreless
  • Yvette is one of the greatest paranormal investigators in my eyes. She's so sweet and bubbly and when she's scared, we all know about it :D She has entertained and yes, even scared the nation in certain episodes of Most Haunted. :D xxxmoreless

    Well unlike some, i adore Yvette Fielding and watch Most Haunted every time its on. Unfortunately i am only 17 and cannot venture into the live programmes as much as i would love to. I have been a fan for a very long time and Yvette is the reason for this. Not only is she adorable and very proffessional, she provides humour. Yes, she may get scared of being stuck in an eerie building filled with stories unimaginable but do we blame her? If she's that much of a "waste of space" (which i happen to strongly disagree with) why is the rating of her show so high? If you dont like her...dont watch her but there is no need to critisice her for what she does. Yvette has provided the nation with a brilliant show which i love and will always remain loyal to. She's an amazing woman and i would happily follow in her footsteps. My heroin!! :D Love Ya Yvee :D xxxxmoreless