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  • Whether it's a commercial or a guest star part on a sitcom, she's consistently funny. She needs her own show! :)

    I loved her in that Citibank commercial in the grocery store where she's mistaken for being pregnant. Also, my little brother watches her on "Drake & Josh". She plays a theater owner named Helen who always gives one of the boys a hard time. She's a joy to watch and I can't wait to see more of her!
  • I agree w/ the review before mine.

    I agree w/ the review before mine.

    I haven't seen in her in any of her other credits, but Yvette Nicole Brown is great as "Helen" on "Drake & Josh". I would definitely watch her if she had a starring role on another show. Brown has great comic instincts and steals many of the scenes that she is in.
  • Girl is funny.

    Rather on a commercial, being a guest star as a act, or being an regular on the show Drake and Josh. I notice her first on the show then i start seeing her in more guest star roles. She usually plays a crazy black lady. I think she is more talented then any one gives her credit for. Some any commercial you could think of on the top of your head she has been on. She's from the area where my dad and sister were borned. I hope she keeps jobs in the field that she's working in. Wish her the very best.