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  • Trivia

    • Yvette began auditioning for school plays and local community productions when she was in junior high school.

    • Yvette graduated from Warrensville Heights High School. While there, she joined the Drama Club, the school choir, the National Honors Society, and Highsteppers, among others.

    • Yvette's film feature debut was in Little Black Book co-starring Brittany Murphy.

    • Five of Yvette's favorite films are All About Eve, Kill Bill Vol.2, When Harry Met Sally, Labyrinth, and Independence Day.

    • Yvette played a lead role in the film 180 Miles Away which was directed by Ray Kimsey.

    • Yvette portrayed Renee during the national tour production of His Woman, His Wife. The play earned the cast an NAACP Theatre Award nomination.

    • Yvette loves books written by Patricia Cornwell.

    • Yvette considers Jesus, her mother, her brother, and Oprah as her personal heroes.

    • Yvette was featured on the Motown/Biv 10 CD East Coast Family Vol. 1. In support of the album, she and the other members of East Coast Family appeared on VH-1, BET, MTV, and Showtime at the Apollo.

    • TV Commercial Appearances:
      • 1-800-CALL-ATT (2003)
      • Cox Cable (2003)
      • KB Toys (2003)
      • Cingular Wireless (2004)
      • Big Lots (2004) - "Carpe Dealum"
      • Citi Card (2004) - "Thank You"
      • Hyundai (2004) - "Multiples"
      • Dairy Queen (2005) - "Grill Burger/Harmonica"
      • T-Mobile (2005) - "Braces"
      • Big Lots (2005) - "Glasses"
      • Lexus (2005) - "Grunt"
      • Chevy HHR (2005)
      • Mazola Pure (2005) - "Signature Dishes"
      • Lexus (2005) - "Nickname"
      • The American Council on Education (2006)
      • Dairy Queen (2006) - "Carry On"
      • The Home Depot (2006) - "The White Wall"
      • Pine Sol (2006) - "WOO!/Jackpot"
      • Shout (2007) - "Set-in Stains"
      • Time Warner Cable (2007) - "Bride"
      • Aquapod Water (2007) - "Men"
      • Best Buy (2007) - "Home Theater"
      • Fiber One Yogurt (2008)

    • Brown earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine and Applied Arts from The University of Akron in Ohio.

    • She is African-American and a Christian. She has brown skin and dark brown hair.

    • Yvette was signed to Motown Records with the East Coast Family, a group that included Boyz II Men. After her stint with the group, she worked as a legal secretary for a while, but she did not like her job.

    • Yvette is the baby of her family. She has an older brother, Paris. She is the niece of two-time Tony Award-nominated actor, Charles Brown (II).

    • Yvette is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

  • Quotes

    • Yvette: (On her character Shirley in the TV series "Community" opening up) Yeah, I think she's aware that if she's judgmental now, she's a hypocrite. So she's probably trying to walk that line between telling people what's the right thing to do-because she's a busybody-and then making sure she doesn't become a hypocrite. It's a little line she's straddling.

    • Yvette: (On how much her character Shirley on the TV series "Community" is in her and how much of her is in Shirley) Shirley's a lot like me. We don't sound the same, of course. I hope I'm not as judgmental as her, 'cause she's very judgmental. And I don't have an alcoholic past. But everything else-love for Malcolm Jamal Warner, it's all the same.

    • Yvette: I'm very close to my mom and my older brother -- who has always been my fiercest protector (seriously, he scares ME sometimes. HA!) I am a freakishly loyal friend... sometimes to my own detriment, who am I kidding, USUALLY to my own detriment. I am a cheerleader (not literally) just in the sense that I love to encourage folks and celebrate their successes... as such, I love a good "praise report", so bring 'em on, people!

    • Yvette: (in a 2006 interview) I project strength without being threatening. I believe we're blessed right now to see all types of black women in TV and commercials, everything from working women to college students. It's the entire spectrum of our beauty.

    • Yvette: (in a 2008 interview) I'd love to write something for myself and possible produce projects in the future. Directing is a tall order. I don't know if I'd ever have the courage to undertake that. But you never know what the future holds.

    • Yvette: (about working on Drake and Josh) I really enjoyed any down time between takes just laughing and joking around with everyone on set. The environment on that set was truly one of the best work experiences I've had as an actress.

    • Yvette: (on what she has learned in show business) You can't get attached to the shape your life takes at any given moment. You have to stay loose and free and grateful. And pack up and move on when the time comes...and it's going to come. HA!

    • Yvette: Life was meant to be fully lived, not sorta lived. There is enough to go around. You can have the full life you dream of... but only if you clear the clutter of all the "almost" loves, jobs and situations out of your life.

    • Yvette: (about working on The Office) The entire experience was GOLDEN! From auditioning, through finding out I booked, to working with Rainn! I am such a huge fan of the show I was BEYOND psyched!!!

    • Yvette: Most of the commercials that I book are not written for black people. At auditions I'm often the only black person in a sea of white people. I have been on sets before when a director says 'can you make it more ethnic?' I always say 'can you demonstrate to me how you want it done?' That usually ends it.