Yvonne Craig





Taylorville, Illinois, USA



Birth Name

Yvonne Joyce Craig




American actress Yvonne Craig trained for a ballet career from age 10 onward. While in high school, Yvonne was accepted by George Balanchine for the School of American Ballet, but she chose instead to tour with the Ballet Russe. Stopping over in Los Angeles, Ms. Craig was approached by a producer asking if she'd like to be in movies. She turned him down, but was more responsive to Hollywood after she later broke her contract with the Ballet Russe. Yvonne's first film was The Young Land (1957), but it remained on the shelf for two years, thus Eighteen and Anxious (1957) was the moviegoers' first introduction to the actress. The Young Land earned Yvonne a contract with Columbia Pictures, where because of her exotic looks and flowing black hair she was cast in teen-aged "femme fatale" roles, such as the seductress in The Gene Krupa Story (1960) (though quite thin, she was actually larger than her frail Krupa co-star Sal Mineo, which caused a minor crisis when the script called for Mineo to hold Yvonne in his arms). Amidst movie assignments of off-and-on quality, Yvonne tested for West Side Story, but lost out to Natalie Wood. She did, however, hold the distinction of appearing with Elvis Presley twice in It Happened at the World's Fair (1962) and Kissin' Cousins (1964). Ms. Craig also dated Mr, Presley for a short time. In 1967, Yvonne was called upon to replace an incapacitated Mary Ann Mobley as Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordon) on the popular TV series Batman. Ms. Craig did well in a sketchily written part, and was proud of the fact that she handled her motorcycle-riding scenes without a double. Although, Batman was was canceled in early 1968, Ms. Craig had already developed legions of fans whose children would also become "Yvonne Craig" fans. Ms. Craig guest-starred in a number of television series following "Batman". Ms. Craig finally elected not to play the Hollywood game anymore and entered the real estate business, where she did quite well for herself. More recently she has been involved in film-fan conventions and Batman retrospectives.