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  • A brief bit of props for Ms. Yvonne from a fan and friend. See my review of Peter Tork for more interesting bits and bobs on Ms. Craig

    This last weekend March 26, 2006 I had the great, good fortune to come across Ms. Yvonne Craig and her lovely sister again at the Memorabilia fan con in Birmingham, England.

    I first met these two gals in Tulsa, Oklahoma around six years ago. They were then in cahoots with Celeste Yarnell but yesterday, minus her, they were still just as brilliant and bubbly.

    I came over to say a polite hello and ended up sitting around and chatting like girlfriends. The funniest part of our conversation was when I said Damn, I am sweating!

    Yvonne pointed to her sibling and said, She said she was having hot flashes. I retorted, I thought I was going through the change!

    So Yvonne says, Yeah, but the change is good, it gives you three extra cup sizes in your boobs. Her sister laughs and says, yeah, but you gain it all in your armpits!

    Yvonne is still a stunning beauty is a generous philanthropist, business woman, animal lover and an all around gregarious, lovely woman. First time, or long time fan no one is ever dissapointed with this particular Diva of distinction.