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  • Trivia

    • Yvonne never received any fan mail while she played Batgirl. The studio intercepted the incoming mail and answered them for her.

    • Yvonne has written From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond, her autobiography.

    • Yvonne's theater work includes Butterflies Are Free, The Deadly and Something's Afoot.

    • Yvonne appeared at The Official STAR TREK Convention Las Vegas in August 2011.

    • The last time Yvonne wore the Batgirl costume was three years after the series was over. She wore it for a Public Service Announcement about women receiving equal pay in the work place.

    • Yvonne had a difficult time riding her Batcycle for the Batman show; the prop men took off the shock absorbers so they could fit batwings on it.

    • While shooting Batman, Yvonne own a Yorkshire terrier named Sebastian that she would bring on set with her.

    • The mask and cape of Yvonne's Batgirl costume is now in The Azarian Collection.

    • It has been reported that Yvonne had said Black Swan was the most ridiculous movie she ever saw for it's portrayal of dancers.

    • Yvonne never graduated high school. She lacked one credit in P.E. and never made it up.

    • Yvonne was a member of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo touring company.

    • Yvonne reports that her favorite episode from the "Batman" TV series was the first episode from the third season called "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin" which aired 9/14/1967. She reported that this was because she liked the concept of the story. She liked the episode because she enjoyed working with Burgess Meredith, who played "the Penguin."

    • Ms. Craig's voice training was with Lee & Sally Sweetland.

    • Yvonne received her acting training from Curt Conway and Lee Strasberg.

    • Ms. Craig did two movies with crooner Elvis Presley - It Happened at the World's Fair and Kissin' Cousins.

    • Ms. Craig got her start on Batman in the first episode of the series' third season.

    • She was the first actress to play Batgirl.

  • Quotes

    • Yvonne Craig: (on the time Adam West put his hand on her chest by accident during a scene) Yes, yes...I was felt up by the Batman!! I was in front of him and he was supposed to rest his hand on my shoulder. Well, I turned around and the rest shall we say is history. The sad part about it all was that the fool was so into the scene that he didn't even notice where his hand was resting. It took all the stage hands to start cracking up before he realized what was going on.

    • Yvonne Craig: (about the fact that Batman is still showing) I just can't believe people are still watching it over 30 years later. I really didn't think we were making Gone With the Wind-just an episodic TV series that would be over when it was over and then it would never rerun again.

    • Yvonne Craig: (on Dwayne Kickman) Just thinking of him makes me smile and everything he does makes me laugh! I can't explain it. He has always had a droll and subtle sense of humor, but his just saying "hello" leaves me guffawing.

    • Yvonne Craig: (on her Batcycle) The cycle on the pilot didn't have bat wings and was higher tech. It had a bat for the rear view mirror. In the series, they wanted the cycle to look more feminine and more like a dressing table with ruffles and bows.

    • Yvonne Craig: (on the horrors of the makeup she had on Star Trek) It took a long time to put it on, even longer to take it off, and until the next to last day of filming we never figured out a way to make it stay. Probably to this very day, if my cuticle were seen under a microscope small particles of green paint would still be visible!

    • Yvonne Craig: (on her favorite actor that played the "villian of the week") My absolute favorite villain would have to be Egghead, because I loved Vincent Price! I found him to be a fascinating man-bright, witty, urbane, nice-looking and just wonderful! I also ran him over with my Batcycle, and he wasn't even mad about it.

    • Yvonne Craig: (on Adam West and Burt Ward) Adam and Burt were great; they weren't prima donnas at all. Burt was always on the set on time, knew his lines, did his job and would go back to his trailer and play chess.

    • Yvonne Craig: (on her Batgirl mask) It had its problems. Adam could never see out of his. They changed my whole mask after we shot the promo, because my first Batgirl mask made little dents on my face. Basically, when I took it off, it looked like I had been crying for weeks! So they changed that and opened up the eyes so I could see better. Poor Adam could never see out of his mask; he couldn't even look up or down.

    • Yvonne: (summing up her own image in high school) But I was strange in high school, very strange. I was very nerdy.

    • Yvonne Craig: I had enough credits to get into college. I just didn't have a PE credit, and it was my fault. I wouldn't dress, and I wouldn't play. I always had an excuse. At that time we didn't know I didn't have any depth perception and why I never could catch anything.

    • Yvonne: (Regarding working with Elvis Presley) He was extremely professional - always on time, knew his lines, and was very much a part of the cast, never pulling rank as the "star".

    • Yvonne: I think it's lovely to be part of something that still holds up, and can be seen by children and their families. It really is family entertainment.

    • Yvonne: I meet young women who say Batgirl was their role model. They say its because it was the first time they ever felt girls could do the same things guys could do, and sometimes better. I think that's lovely. Now that had very little to do with me, and a lot to do with the writers.

    • Yvonne: I'm mainly animal-oriented, so, if you can promise me that I'll see a squirrel, I'll go.

    • Yvonne: It was a joy to work with Elvis. He was very professional. Always arrived on time, knew what he was doing, and knew what his fans expected of him. He was just a lovely Southern gentleman. He would call me Bug, because I wore big sunglasses and I looked like a bug!

    • Yvonne: I got to do my own stunts. The stunts were all choreographed on a count, and I had been a ballet dancer, so that was easy. It filled in the day, because I would go off with Adam and Burt's stunt doubles and work out the choreography. So I wasn't just sitting on the set waiting for my next scene.