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  • Yvonne is a gifted actress whose exceptional talent has not been appropriately recognized by critics and peers.

    Yvonne Strahovski is one of the most underrated actresses in a TV series. She plays her role in the series "Chuck" in a totally convincing manner. She is a master of expressing happiness, fear, determination, love, and even hatred in a masterful and convincing manner; and incidentally she is in great physical condition for the demanding role she plays. Her beauty is obvious but she consistently portrays more emotion in a single look than most actresses can portray in a 100 words. Yvonne ranks equally with Angelina Jolie in her ability to efffectively convey all forms of raw emotion with her gestures, facial expressions and eyes! Yvonne deserves to be recognized for her unique talent and superb acting ability.
  • the cutest bunny teeth in TV! Overall very sexy, first impression she give me is like seeing Cameron Diaz in the mask!

    I just finish view the whole 2 season in a week! I notice this series was around but never have time to view it... but since All my favorite show already ended season so I take the initiative to view this spy comedy series.

    Sarah (yvonne) for me is the eyecandy of the show. I thought there will be many cool gadget and stuff involve since they work at the buymore store (Best Buy rip off)
    Fall in love with the character after seeing 2-3 episodes. The first season is kinda funny as Sarah work in Weinnerlicious and all those thing seem to be a joke...

    Season two was a big different as they have the castle and orange orange put a fresh looks on the movie set.. the color and uniform also make Sarah character hotter than ever! compare to the weinner girl outfits.

    Hope to see more of Yvonne pulling some hot move in season 3.
  • Vicki Vale. Vicki, Vicki, Vale.

    Very talented actress...ah , yes, and very beautifull...Gorgeous eyes, if you ask me, and yes, like someone previously said, the cutest bunny teeth in entertainment business (TV,theatre, movie, whichever you like).
    Frankly, Morgan from "CHUCK" nailed it just right: STOP THE PRESSES!
    Once again , a talented actress from "down under", which speaks better English than most of her American coleagues, even though I've read that she speaks Polish, and only as 2-nd language English. Hope she won't lose her head to the temptations of Hollywood (you all know what I mean).
    What more can I say that hasn't already been said? I think it's the first time I am sorry I don't live in the US (particullary in LA)
  • I so love Yvonne. She's really really great. I've heard a lot about Chuck long time before. And the first time I saw one episode of it, it made me like the series already.

    I so love Yvonne. She's really really great. I've heard a lot about Chuck long time before. And the first time I saw one episode of it, it made me like the series already. It's like they captured my consciousness and I just don't want the series to stop. I want to watch it over and over again. I so Love Sarah Walker. I wasn't expecting she's a newbie in Hollywood. But she's ver very good! I hope Chuck series will last for more seasons. I will be their ultimate fan. I'm looking for more Sarah Walker in the future. I so love her! Keep it going!
  • SShe is so gorgeous.Her performance is really outstanding especially with face expression.

    She is so gorgeous.Her performance is really outstanding especially with face expression.She also good about the accent.God I really like her.When i watched chuck i always curious how one person can perfect like this.Cool, funny, cute, talented, extremely beautiful and so stunning.I would like to see her play in the big screen.I will be the ultimate fan of her. I really hope Chuck will have more seasons.This show is my favorite show all the time and i also love Sarah Walker very much.Yvonne did it very well for this role.The cast and crew they are so great.

    Love you very much,Yvonne
  • A talented beauty

    Not only is Yvonne amazingly beautiful, she has some talent as well. I confess that the main reason I started watching Chuck was because of her. But after watching all the episodes so far this season, I have come to the realization that she is a pretty decent actress as well. Her facial expressions are great and she doesn't have to say anything for viewers to know what she is thinking. Also watching her on the KTLA interview she seems really genuine, has a good sense of humor and not the typical Hollywood star. I definitely hope that Chuck will be around for a long time so she can continue to grace my television set, but if not I would love to see her get recognized for her talents and get many more opportunities.
  • I love her... She is so cute and charming... I think she is acting so good.. If all the agents are like her, I would like to be 'a special agent'. :)

    I love her... She is so cute and charming. I think she is acting so good... If all the agents are like her, I would like to be a 'special agent'. :)))

    When I saw "Chuck" TV show first, she really attracted me. As much as her beauty, she is talented actress. I wish her to see as a Bond Girl.. 'Chuck' is a good start for her career. In my opinion, she and the other cast members of Chuck are very lucky to work together. I really wish to be member of that cast. to be close the fun and Yvonne.. :)

    I love you Yvonne.. :)
  • Wow she is so gorgeous. And who would have believed she was from Australia, I know I didn't. Yvonne is spectacular as Sarah she does her job very well and is able to hold back her true feelings most of the time about Chuck.

    She's so inspiring being a woman protecting a guy. She's smart and beautiful and very athletic, I mean come on the girl does all her own stunts now that's gotta be saying something right. Well she should win some kind of award for like best new actress cause she's got my vote. She's pretty hot and I'm straight so in my book she's awesome. Any way I'm glad we're all able to catch more of Yvonne and Zach tonight (even though I've already seen the episode, it was great and they almost kiss). Can't wait for next weeks episode. Hopefully Chuck and Sarah will get to kiss more.
  • Well, well, well what do we have here another review from efc...

    What can I say about this actress she is so great, thats a ggod start. Yvonne Strahovski plays the beautiful Sarah Walker on my favourite show CHUCK. she is great on the show as Sarah and she brings a lot to the show, comedy, action, comedy and action and ofcourse her looks can go with out being unnoticed. I really like it in CHUCK when she is undercover or fighting someone. She is awesome in the scenes shes in with Chuck (Zach Levi) and her acting is so beleavable its unbeleavable. I cant wait to see more from her in the coming season of this great show.
  • Yvonne is gorgeous, committd, talented and seems like such a well ronded good hearted lady.

    It's almost though she came out of nowhere. Before I saw her on Chuck I had never seen her before and then bam! Here comes this femme fetal who's kicking butt and saving Chuck on a weekly basis. And get this she's a good natured, likeable person too! Not an everyday combination to say the least, and we're not the only folk who are noticing. Chuck's been noticing her as well, big time. But I'm surprised. Yvonne seems to be just as good natured and likeable as well, she's just like Sarah...minus the whole nnja moves thing. But hey you never know. She looks like a sports swimsuit model but she's not all at conceded. I think this is perfect casting for the role of Sarah and I can't wait to see what Yvonne does with the character in the upcoming season.
  • Up and coming, look out television

    Yvonne is as talented as she is beautiful and she's going to turn television upside down. It's hard to believe she stepped off a plane and into the hearts of some many so fast. I know Chuck is still on it's way in but this is definitely going to be a nice resume bullet for her that's for sure. Hopefully we get to see this fresh face gracing some of the more popular magazine covers, other television shows, and eventually the big screen. Her beauty is all the more striking because she doesn't use it as a weapon but as an inherited trait.

    Thank you NBC and thank you Ms. Strahovski!
  • Really talented actress from down under!

    I have never heard of this beauty from down under until the show Chuck premiered. As she is one heck of an actress and a perfect "straight man" to the show's star Zachary Levi. As she really hides that Australian accent really well. And that she also has a natural beauty that seems fit for the show. She and Levi have a great chemistry that you want thtme to get together and that they have that will they or won't they get together type of relationship. As her character of Sarah does seem to care for Chuck as Chuck "dumped her" to go for someone that was really not a good person. Hope Chuck goes on for many more years to come.