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  • the cutest bunny teeth in TV! Overall very sexy, first impression she give me is like seeing Cameron Diaz in the mask!

    I just finish view the whole 2 season in a week! I notice this series was around but never have time to view it... but since All my favorite show already ended season so I take the initiative to view this spy comedy series.

    Sarah (yvonne) for me is the eyecandy of the show. I thought there will be many cool gadget and stuff involve since they work at the buymore store (Best Buy rip off)
    Fall in love with the character after seeing 2-3 episodes. The first season is kinda funny as Sarah work in Weinnerlicious and all those thing seem to be a joke...

    Season two was a big different as they have the castle and orange orange put a fresh looks on the movie set.. the color and uniform also make Sarah character hotter than ever! compare to the weinner girl outfits.

    Hope to see more of Yvonne pulling some hot move in season 3.