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    • Whilst in New Zealand filming Maddigan's Quest, Zac's mother was contacted by the casting agent for Alex Rider for the movie Stormbreaker. Zac was auditioned from New Zealand via video at least twice.

      Unfortunatly, the successful candidate needed to start pre-production training (such as learning to snow board, ride a quad etc.) in early June - it was not possible to get back in time as Zac was contracted to Maddigan's Quest until July. A huge pity as Zac did not need all the extra training - he had all those skills already.

    • Zac had to wear some contact lenses for his role as Little Casanova, as did the brown eyed David Tennant (they were both sent to the same optician) - these lenses were even more startling blue than those he wore in Wah Wah!

    • Zac wore blue contact lenses for his role in Wah Wah. The opening shots are of Zac's eyes coming over the front seats of a car - in some cinemas this can mean his eyes are projected up to 60 feet wide! Seeing as Zac's eyes are brown, it is amazing that he was auditioned at all!

    • Zac has two pet rats called Spider Dijon and Rudy Van Desarzio, as well as his dog, Bella.

    • Stage Credits:

      2005 R.S.C. Macbeth, Fleance

      2003 N.Y.M.T. Ma Vie En Rose, Jerome

      2003 Honk!, Ugly

      2002 King and I, National Tour, Louis

      2001 West Side Story, Baby John

      2000 Shakespeare 4 Kidz, McDuff's Son

      1999 Peter Pan, Michael Darling

      1998 Oliver, Nipper

      1997 Snow White, Juvenile Chorus

    • Singing Awards:

      2003 Truro Music Festival, Winner Under 14 Vocal Solo, Distinction

      2002 Cornwall Music Festival, National Competition, Winner, Distinction

      2002 Bugle Festival of Music and Speech, Best Under 12 years, Distinction

      2002 St.Austell Music and Speech, National Young Singer, Winner

      2002 National Competition Young Singer, Runner Up, Distinction

      2001 Cornwall County Music Festival, Under 11 Year's Solo, Distinction

      2001 Bugle Festival of Music and Speech, Best Voice In Show, Distinction

      2001 Wall Music Festival, Under 11's, Distinction

      2001 St.Austell Music Festival, Best Performance in Show, Distinction

      2000 Camborne Music Festival, Best Male Unbroken Voice, Distinction

    • Speech Awards:

      Rotary Youth Speaks Competition 2006, Central Area, District Winner as Speaker.

      District Winner as Member of Sylvia Young Theatre School Senior Team.

    • Acting Awards:

      LAMDA Grade 4, Honours April 2004

    • Radio Credits:

      2006 Jack Rosenthal's Last Act, Adam Rosenthal

      2004 Lodsell Cod, George

      2004 Sorcerer's Apprentice, Peter The Apprentice

      2004 Lorna Doone, Young John Ridd

    • Film Credits:

      2006 Victims, Young Freddie

      2005 Wah Wah, Young Ralph Compton

    • Television Credits:

      2006 Casualty, Jason Anning

      2005 Maddigan's Quest, Eden

      2005 Tom Brown's School Days, Weston

      2004 Casanova, Young Casanova

      2002 Wild West, Damien

    • Unlike Eden in Maddigan's Quest, Zac is fearless and a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

      He is a boarder, he wakeboards, skateboards, snowboards (as well as skiing - water and downhill). He rides boards goofy (right foot forward).

      Once released from the Maddigan's Quest contract, he jumped off the Auckland Sky Tower - three times!

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