Zac Hanson

Zac Hanson


10/22/1985, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Birth Name

Zachary Walker Hanson



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Lived in Trinadad, Ecquador, and Venezuela before moving with his family in Tulsa OK. Albums include Boomerang (independent release, 1995), MMMBop (independent release, 1996) Middle of Nowhere (Mercury Records, March 1997), Snowed In (Mercury Records, November 18, 1997) I Will Come to You, single with previously unreleased, Cried…more


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  • I had the biggest crush on him!

    I use to love Zac Hanson! I would buy magizines if he was in there, and post them all over my room! He was my favorite out of Hanson. I loved the long hair him and his brothers had, but Zac had something speical that I adored. I loved his voice and I thought he was the cutest one!
  • Zac Hanson is in the band Hanson with his brothers Isaac and Taylor. They formed the band around 1992 and their first release was Boomerang. 5 albums later, they have their own label and over 10 years of experience. This indie rock band ain't goin nowheremoreless

    When the CD Middle Of Nowhere came out back in 1997 girls of all ages (mostly teens) went wild. The hyperness went down in the next three years, two more CD's came out, (Snowed In and Live From Albertane) and then in 2000 This Time Around, a more Rock-oriented album, came out with not as much of a response as they wished. After many difficutlties, they decided to part from Island Def Jam and creat 3CG Records. from the summer of 2003 until 2005's summer, Hanson toured the WORLD, ending in Australia.

    As you can see they have been through a lot. Taylor is married, Zac is engaged, and Isaac has a girlfrie.d

    I respect how much they have been through and totally love all of their music. That is why I consider them one of my favorite bands.moreless