Zach Behr

Zach Behr


6/29/1980, New York

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Zach Behr


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    • Zach: (On his strengths and weaknesses that he brings to his team) I am the logistics man. I am good with directions, orienteering, roughing it and keeping a cool head. One of my weaknesses is that I am not as competitive as Flo.

  • Zach ran an awesome race in The Amazing Race 3. Not only did he win, but he also managed to put up with Flo on the way!

    Zach Behr ran The Amazing Race 3 with his friend Flo Pesenti. Flo contributed little to the team and Zach led them to win the one million dollars.

    Zach was consistantly annoyed by Flo on the race. Flo kept on getting angry at Zach, but Zach remained calm, cool and collected, and led his team all the way to the top.

    Flo & Zach were a very memorable team for one reason or another. Some might say they were memorable because of Flo's whining, while others may like the team because of Zach.

    Zach performed ten of his teams eleven Road Blocks, including swimming with dolphins, the Scottish Highland Games and saving a penalty from a Portuguese teenage soccer player.

    Zach contributed a lot to his team and deservingly won The Amazing Race!moreless