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  • Zach braff is well known for his role as JD an intern at sacred heart hospital (scrubs).

    Zach Braff is hilarious and deffinately deserves an award for his work on scrubs. The way he plays the role of JD is new and refreshing. He has a lot of good story lines and acts to his greatest. Him and John C McGinley are great together as a comedy pair and this is what makes Scrubs so good his jokes and pranks with the Janitor are also well acted half the time he generally does look surprised :P He is very talented and even if u disagree with me its my opinion and JD is what makes Scrubs! Yep =P
  • I'm so sad Scrubs is going to be in it's last season I'll miss Zach so much.

    Zach Braff is one of my favorite actors of all time. When Scrubs ends sadly this season I hope someone gives Zach Braff a role on another show. He's such a talented and hilarious actor. I do not want to see his talent go to waste when Scrubs ends, it will be sad to see Scrubs go but even sadder to see Zach Braff leave. He can make you laugh and smile just but an expression on his face. I love the way he says the craziest things and how he can turn any situation into a hysterical moment. But what makes him an even better actor is how at the same time he can pull of a dramatic scene like in the episode My Screw Up. He's just so talented and one of my favorites.
  • Talented guy...

    Zach Braff Has to be one the most talented young actors of our time..... He has got a talent for directing too soo there is more to zach braff than we knew.
    His most sucessful character has got to be JD in scrubs but he also writes some of the episodes in scrubs.
    Some of the movies he has been in such as the last kiss hes helped write but unforunaty i havent seen it yet must get a movie night arranged with my friends! Hes also the voice of chicken little from the walt disney film chicken little.
    Garden state is one of my fav movies a really odd but caming film ! Id check out on what hes up to and what hes doing next.
  • Quirky and Cute! -Zach Braff

    Zach Braff is not only a great actor but also an amazing director. I've been able to see this through The Garden State- a movie he directed in starred in that is a masterpiece. Along with that you can see him on tv everyday numerous times in the hit tv show Scrubs, which he is the main character of. He's contributed much to the show including his acting talents. I see big things in the future for Zach Braff, and not just as the cotonelle puppy, but as a star. He is a star on the rise. With all his talent and quirkiness he will be big.
  • Zach Braff is definitely a one in a million actor, he has multiple personas he can play such as the quieter andrew largeman in garden state or the quirky JD in Scrubs, his biggest hit..

    Zach is a talented actor with alot of potential in directing, writing, producing, acting, compiling albums. He can accomplish every aspect of a movie all by him self. I believe he is the best actor of the current time and he can do any emotion or reaction given to him. He is mostly well-known for scrubs which might have been his first break but i don't kno. I am a scrubs watcher regularly and i think it wouldn't be the same show without him, I'm glad bill Lawrence found him. Garden state was a great movie a lot less action but still excellent. Had a great soundtrack. I didn't see last kiss and the ex but i plan on it sometime. Just because he is in them i will watch them. The best actor on TV right now.
  • Zach Braff is famous for his role on Scrubs

    Zach is a one of kind actor, writer and director showing all of them qualities in Garden State which he wrote, directed, starred in Garden State. He is most famous for his breakthrough role as the protagonist JD on Scrubs, showing his quirky and goofy side but also on occasions showing his very serious self in some of the story-lines. He also played a great part in The Last Kiss alongside The O.C. star Rachel Bilson in which it seemed like there was true chemistry between not only the pair but also Braff and his on scene partner. Braff has also lent his voice to the disney film Chicken Little and played a good part in The Ex.
  • Director...Writer....Actor...Genius

    Zach Braff is commonly known as the star of the hit comedy show Scrubs. Braff has also shown his other incredible talents which include: Acting, Directing, and Writing. Zach Braff amazed the critics with his work in his most popular movie: Garden State. Zach Braff is now considered to be excellently talented in all his skills. His other well known works are The Last Kiss, The Ex, and his voice acting in Chicken Little. Zach Braff is the greatest of his generation in my opinion, and he is proof to rising stars,directors,and writers everywhere that you can become the best if you try.

    - Thanks and Good Luck to Zach Braff -
  • Comedy genius! Timing is perfect!

    Being an absolutely huge SCRUBS fan, i may be biased, but I think Zach Braff is a genius. He is fantastic in Scrubs, JD, his character is so appealing, I cannot see why anyone would dislike him. Zach's film debuts have been just as good. I loved Garden State, and really enjoyed The Last Kiss. In a way im glad SCRUBS is coming to an end soon cause even though I love the programme, and I truly admire the actor/character, it will really give Zach an opportunity to branch out in to new areas, and I hope he becomes a success in film just like he is on television!
  • Zach Braff best known for his lead role in Scrubs and for starring in Garden State, The Ex and The Last Kiss

    Zach is a one of kind actor, writer and director showing all of them qualities in Garden State which he wrote, directed, starred in Garden State. He is most famous for his breakthrough role as the protagonist JD on Scrubs, showing his quirky and goofy side but also on occasions showing his very serious self in some of the story-lines. He also played a great part in The Last Kiss alongside The O.C. star Rachel Bilson in which it seemed like there was true chemistry between not only the pair but also Braff and his on scene partner. Braff has also lent his voice to the disney film Chicken Little and played a good part in The Ex.

    I am now extremely looking forward to his next film which he will write, direct and star in much like he did with Garden State.
  • This guy on Scrubs is SO funny! He cracks me up every time. He also writes good movies.

    I really like this guy (as an actor) he is very talented. He stars as the main charcter in one of my favorite shows: Scrubs. He plays J.D. a young doctor looking for romance in his life, but making every possible joke he can along the way. I haven't really seen all of the movies he's stared in, not even Chicken Little. But I'm sure he's as funny in the movies as he is in in Scrubs. Besides Scrubs I've seen him on other shows, TRL, Punk'd and The show with Regis and Kelly (or something.) Keep up the good work.
  • empty

    we all love JD! zach does a phenomenal job at bringing him to life. i haven't really seen him in anything else, but just from scrubs, i can tell that he's aan amazing actor.
  • A one of a kind goof ball and womaniszer extrodainair.Plus a pretty good docter.

    J.D. is really funny. The absolute rock of Scubs is also very sensitive. He plays both parts extremly well together and praticualry with co-star Donald Fiason. There is a chemistry that Braff has with all his co-stars, of course he is the bond that ties them all. His comedic talent is old-school. his appproach cna only be described as legendary (im pretty big on scrubs.)There also is a quality that radiates from his body and on to the screen, that quality is he seems genuinely caring and really seems to want to make a differance. Hopefully we can get more of Braff in future projects.
  • Just funny! No, he's so much more!

    Yes, we all love him as JD on Scrubs, who wouldn't!? He's so quirky and odd, and yet it works. But then, you see Garden State and see a whole different perspective. I was so pleasantly surprised by his portrayal of a depressed, lonely actor. And watching as he tries to say goodbye to his mother and stand up to his father showed that he's not just some goofy guy. I think this guy has amazing talent. I hope that Scrubs is picked up for another season, but if it's not, I won't be too disappointed because I love watching him on the big screen. And aside from his acting...not that I have ever met him...but he just seems to be a really down to earth guy. You never hear too many things about him in the news, unless he's dating a popular "starlet," such as Mandy Moore. (And I loved them together.) In an industry where you really cannot admire too many of those in it, he is certainly one that you can!
  • Zach Braff is an actor in the hit comedy Scrubs.

    I really like Zach Braff. He is a really good actor and does a good job working past his disease. I recently read that he has OCD and panic attack disorders. I am so glad that he turned he life into a positive thing. I wish to act like im someday, even though I am a girl. He is an actor that I think most people can relate. Like most actors he is a little bit rich for acting (he drives a porsche) but hey no one can say no to money! I just hope that someday I get to where he has gotten.
  • I don't know why people like him.

    For some reason, the character of JD has gradually gotten more and more arrogant, more and more cocky, and more annoying. He is constantly purposefully insulting people or underminig them for his own selfish reasons but then focuses on how he made them feel upset which makes him feel upset, until he eventually reconsiles with that person in order to feel better. That voice! Christ I could get preachers to sound more caring than he is! He doesn't give a monkeys about who he works with, just wants to get the props for himself. The arrogant little **** I don't really watch the show so I couldnt say for sure though.
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    Zach Braff is a true comedic actor who is best known for his role of J.D. on televison's "Scrubs." You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Garden State."
  • A Hero

    Im a huge fan of Scrubs simply cause of Zach Braff. He is a great actor and in real life i bet he is a cool guy. He is talented and funny. Im not big on his movies. Some are ok but i will watch them just cause he is in them. He is def one of my fav actors and is going places. He deserves more credit than he gets. After Scrubs is over eventually he will be more of a movie guy i say. For now he has Scrubs. He should be remembered for that show. His only movie i really liked was Garden State. His acting was good in it and not half bad of a movie. Zach Braff is a awesome guy and always will enjoy his work.
  • Awesome! Cute, funny guy!

    Not only is Zach Braff super talented and motivated, he is a comic genius. He has great timing, and always makes me laugh. Zach and Donald Faison work really well together. I love watching Scrubs re-runs late at night. The Garden State was fabulous and showed he's got more to him than just being funny, and he spent a lot of time getting it produced and released to the masses. He's cute too, and has a great smile. I'll be really happy to see him in more movies like The Garden State. He's got romantic comedy male lead written all over him.
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    He is awesome. He is completely awesome in his roles of JD in Scrubs, and he is was also great in the few movies he has participate in, like The Last Kiss or Garden State are one of Zach's greatest. I think that he is hot and that he is one good actor that has a great future.
  • What A Frickin' Legend!!!

    Z B is the best young actor of the 21st century so far. When you think of Scrubs eppisodes such as 'My Screw Up' and 'My Lunch', it was ZBs perfomance that made you Laugh and Cry. (Don't get me wrong, Johnny C sets the bar as well)

    What really impresses me is that Zach came into Scrubs as an actally Newbie, and quickly his acting matched veteran Johnny C's, a difficult task.

    I think that if anyone says that acting isn't a real proffesion, and that anyone can 'pretend', watch 'My Screw Up', and then admit that you are wrong.
  • You see celebrities like paris hilton and tom cruise getting total camera time when they seem to be talentless when a young man spends his time making us laugh and gets no more then a once a month news note from the press. his name? Zach Braff

    This Jewish New Jersey Native has been called many things. overated,underated,a hack, a artist and of course ugly or handsome. this actor has recieved a well amount of critism. some completly irrelvant to his cause. my opinion on him. HE IS A GENIUS! and somewhat underused in films. he has been in so little but his talent still shows through . who can not love his beautiful sarcastic humour.he brings the dork we like to call JD [scrubs] to life and you could almost be certain that he does exist as JD. he can turn from goofball to mellodramatic and heart broken on a dime. i did not approach this actor through scrubs though. but instead through vocal waves only. i heard his voice for the VERY first time in chicken little. the flop that only me most likely and many children loved. i first saw the face unknowingly when zach did one of those informal things about the movie he was the time was chicken little. i payed little attention and did not remeber him at all till me and my sister decided to see this movie. we found it cute. when i bought the movie i found myself watching it a lot and anticpating fast play because of the special features with him included. after that i was hooked and woed by him without his know how of course.i started watching scrubs a little less then a week after getting and hooked and Garden State a month later. i love both of his work and believe it or not,he opened me to a new genre of everything. creepy what one person can do. i am one of those people who thinks he is attractive. now we ALL know he is not attractive in the traditional sense but i still think he is ...well attractive. i find myself all too often daydreaming more often then not. i actually never took time to think in the first place pre-scrubs.and although hope of even chatting up in a bar or whatever seems slim. i like to believe my chances are as good as anyones.and if he does get married i won't care (okay i will a lot). i have my daydreams to attain to...
  • Zach Braff is funny, intelligent & handsome...

    Yes, I said handsome, of course, I dream his personality is just as great. I love to see the Scrubs re-runs but I also enjoy his serious work. Scrubs is great I heard though that this will be his last season, which I know people have to move on to bigger and different things to continue to grow professionally and intellectually. Good Luck Zach B.
  • J.D.

    Reasons why I love Braff's character in "Scrubs".
    - His expressions are definitely too hilarious. LOL
    - Even when the situation at the hospital really sucks, J.D. finds funny words and all gets a little better.
    - The way he calms down Eliot's hysteria.
    - His speaches with the hospital janitor (Neil Flynn) are amazing. I know it's a little unrealistic and bizarre that an hospital janitor talks down a doctor (or nearly-to-be-doctor) like that but there is no way I can stop laughing.
    - The way he's all buddy-buddy with Turk.
    - His friendship with Dc. Perry because when they talk together they're totally witty.

    In my opinion Braff is a very good actor and this character fits him perfectly.
  • Zach Braff is the star of the hit tv show Scrubs. He has directed and stared in this show. And his caracter JD has been a hit in teh comedy world.

    How can i possibly decribe Zach Braff without using the word great or the best???
    Anyway he is truely one of those people you will never say a bad word about his caracter may get csladered sometimes but he himself is truely great. I LOVE him in Scrubs he is so funny and we are actually thinking everything his caracter is thinking and he shows it so well . I couldn't say anyone who could play his caracter other than him he is truely great. And honestly i even enjoyed him in the film Chicken little and so did my seven year old brother he loves Zach now so basically me and reece are like Zach lovers !!
    I cant wait to see Zach in another film and even the next season of scrubs !!!!
  • Very funny, suits his role in Scrubs really well

    When you see how comfortable and natural he looks when playing JD in Scrubs, you know that there is no other person who could do a better job in that role than him.
    Zach also seems to bond so well with his co-stars, he can make most situations comical because of this, Especially with Neill Flynn, Janitor, and John C. McGinley, Dr. Cox.
    But when he has to he can very serious for the drama side of the show.
    Scrubs was probably his big entrance into acting, the success of the show will hopefully get him into even more roles so he can keep up the good work.
  • Zach Braff is so funny...but not only at scrubs also at arrested develoñpment and other shows. His character on scrubs from day one is hillarious...he is my idol

    First scrubs is great...and Zach Braff and the hole cast are great...and because of these ...scrubs is my favorite show... well Zach Braff is hilarious it makes everything at scrubs funny, the way he speaks and acts is great...but besides he is funny...he can also make drama scenes and I believe him...all his scenes with the janitor or with doctor Cox are great...his fantasies, all the things that he does are hilarious...he is great as an actor....I have seen all the seasons of scrubs and each episode is even better.. from his first day at the hospital... until the end of this season I have laugh and cried with Zach...he is great and when scrubs ends...I hope there is a show for him because it will be sad not seeing him again
  • Talented, Handsome, Gifted, and will go all the way!

    If Scrubs is cancelled or ends early, which I hope
    That it doesn't, I hope that the hunky Zach Braff
    Won't be remembered for just playing the part of a doc
    I hope that he will go all the way and that
    Because he is smart, talented, gifted, and did I forget to mention, very, very, handsome!
  • Nobody else like him.

    Braff. A talented actor or a fumbling bumbling doctor?

    Well both of course as not only is he the start of the hit T.V. show Scrubs he has all so shown he can really push in the movie he wrote, directed and stared in, Garden State. There isn't a scene in Scrubs where he has us in tears laughing our hearts out. But when needed Zach can turn into a more serious actor when the time calls and works great with his co-stars from Scrubs.

    Now branching out Braff only has good things ahead of him and hopefully one day he will get the recognition he deserves.
  • This is the best actor on Scrubs!

    Zach Braff also known as J. D. He was the reason (and probally others) for getting into Scrubs. I saw his acting and thought it was terrific. He really does bring the funny to the show.

    Zach Braff is also great at playing the upset role. Even though Scrubs is a funny show they do have sad moments. It's great how he can jump from being mister funny man to being a serious person. Thats talent.

    Since Scrubs is going to be ending this or next season :( I wonder what Zach Braff will take the role of.

    We all know it's going to be funny.
  • Zach Braff is an actor, director and writer who is most known for his role as J.D. in NBC's comedy [Scrubs]. He also rote, directed and stared in 'Garden State'. His first T.V. appearance was on the 'Baby sisters club' where he played David Cummings. He i

    Zach Braff is the main star of 2001-??? NBC comedy, [Scrubs] where he plays J.D.. But he is also a director, writer, producer and is an executive soundtrack producer (For Garden State (2004) which he stared and directed). His most recant acting job is Open Hearts (2007)(pre-production), Fast Track (2006)(post-production) as Tom Reilly and The Last Kiss (2006)(completed) as Micheal. He has directed Scrubs episodes : My Way Home (2006), My Best Laid Plans (2005)and My Last Chance (2004) as well as the movies Garden State (2004) Lionel on a Sunday (1997) and the more recant Andrew Henry's Meadow (2006)and Open Hearts (2007).


    Date of birth : 6 April 1975
    Location : South Orange, New Jersey, USA

    Mini biography :
    Born and raised in New Jersey. Attended Columbia High School in Maplewood.

    All in all, Zach Braff is a very good actor and deserves to be in the position he's in.
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