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  • Who is this guy and why is he Attacking My Show?

    While I've been patient with the numerous re-vamps done to Attack of the Show there is one thing I cannot forgive. Zach just doesn't seem to belong. He worked well with Extreme Dodgeball, but AotS is something entirely different. He appears to be trying too much to act like (and look like) Martin Sargent from the old TechTV days.

    What I really disliked was his attempt at covering the Sony based material being released at E3. It was hard to watch. Seriously, it was hard to watch. Of all the serious journalistic talent they could have used (even Seanbaby would have been somewhat interesting to watch), they went with a fratboy named Zach. It was like he was only there to hit on the booth babes and grab as much screen time as possible. Granted Holt's coverage was only a wii bit more interesting, she looked comfortable doing her reporting. And I just know that if he is still around, he will be covering the PS3 launch. We can only hope he's settled down by then.

    He has potential, but if Sargent's antics didn't work for the management at G4 then Zach doesn't have much more time left. Perhaps he will adjust his attitude a bit, until then I'll be fast forwarding through his segments.