Zach Tyler Eisen

Zach Tyler Eisen


9/23/1993, Stamford, CT

Birth Name

Zachary Tyler Eisen



Also Known As

Zachary Tyler, Zach Tyler, Zachery Tyler
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Zach Tyler Eisen also known as Zachary Tyler. was born September 23 1993; he is a talented American voice actor. He is most recognized for his role in Avatar: The Last Airbender as Aang. His other roles include The Ant Bully (2006) as Lucas Nickle, Nick Jr.'s Littlemore


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    • Zachary Tyler Eisen: (Referring to Andrea Romano who helps Zach with his Avatar role) She tells me what she wants, and I do it. She is very straightforward. She's great, and she helps me out so much, even now when I know how to play the character. And she really helps with the situation, so I know what the character's going through.

    • Zach Tyler: (Referring to being bullied as a child) No, not so far.

    • Zach Tyler Eisen: (Referring to the Ant Bully) I did get the privilege to work with Julia Roberts and Nicolas Cage.

    • Zach Tyler: I met Dee Baker once. He said that even when he's in his car driving around, he thinks of new voices or new animal sounds.

    • Zach Tyler ( reffering to what nation he would want to belong to in Avatar ): The Earth Nation is the most civilized, and it's more modern. The Fire Nation is kind of evil and bad, and I'd want to be on the good side.

    • Zach Tyler: People always ask me, "What's gonna happen next week?" but I say, "I can't tell you."

  • Zack Tyler Eisen

    Zack Tyler Eisen who is a American voice actor on Avatar the last airbender playing Aang. Zack Tyler Eisen has also been in lots more shows like the ant bully as Lucas Nickle,the Backyardigans as Pablo the Penguin,Marci x as a kid,Little Bill as Andrew,Entropy as Lukas,Avatar the last airbender as Aang.He curently lives in New York. He spends most of his time with Avatar the last air bender doing voice recordings. He has brown hair and brown eyes.Born September 23, 1993 (1993-09-23) (age 14)in Stamford, Connecticut, in USA. Zach Tyler Eisen has rolled on Avatar the last air bender for season 1,2,3.moreless
  • Zach stars on Nick shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Backyardagins. He also is the star in The Ant Bully.

    Wow. I know how talented this kid is. After hearing his potential all in Avatar, I am amazed. He plays Aang perfectly, each momment that he does with the right emotion. He is definitely one of my favorite voice actors. I hope that he will continue his career. All Avatards around the world know of him, and because of how great he did with the series, many will come to know him as Aang, the last airbender. He is a true voice acting prodigy, with incredible talent and imagination on what he thinks his voice should sound like. Zach is amazing!moreless