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Zachary Ansley

Zachary Ansley


1/12/1972, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Zachary Jason Ansley



Also Known As

Zach Ainsley, Zack Ansley
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Zachary Ansley has been acting professionally since he was eleven years old and while still a teenager was honoured with a Genie nomination. The winner of the first YTV Acting Award (1989), his many film and television credits include lead roles in Cowboys Don't Cry and Princes inmore


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  • He is my favorite actor in the world and he sent me two autographed pictures of himself.

    Zachary Ansley is a very talented and gifted actor. He doesn\'t get the credit that he deserves for his talents. He is underrated and he should have been made a big star. He is handsome, sexy, and at the same time sweet. He works hard and puts his heart and soul into all his characters. You couldn\'t ask for a better person or actor. He is pleasant to the eye, and can play a wide range of characters. He has played everything from Theatre productions, to TV shows and even movies. Hopefully in the future Zachary Ansley will be a big name that everyone knows.moreless