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    • Zachary: I always dreamed of wearing a cocksock so it was the perfect marriage of director and actor.

    • Zachary: They won't let me do too much cool stuff besides a go kart race. But yeah, we don't get to drive too fast. That's what they have all the stunt guys for. We have this guy, Cory Eubanks, who's one of the best drivers in the business and he's been doing some car work, some 360s, jumping off cliffs and what not. I wish I could do that stuff. That guy's awesome. Maybe one day.

    • Zachary: I did have a guy call me at the Four Seasons in Austin and tell me how I should play Jim Hallsy. That was pretty interesting. His main point was to make sure that I did the thing in the sand where C. Thomas picks up all the sand and rubs it in his hair. The guy said it was one of the best parts of the movie for him and just to make sure I could squeeze that into the movie.

    • Zachary: I feel weird about the whole My Space thing in general. It's just strange to meet people on My Space. For me, I need to physically be around somebody.

    • Zachary: (On his performance in The Hitcher): That would be worse to me than any bad review is to have any hardcore fan of the movie and be like "Dude, you sucked, you blew the movie." That would be the worst thing that could ever happen.

    • Zachary: I think New York is a great place to start out because to do stage and that's where the real core work would begin I think you know? It's tough though, it's a struggle but I just think it's a good idea to go there first be brought to L.A. I think a lot of people go out to L.A. and they want to try to cash in right away and I think it's important in general, for their personality to have some humility and all those things that New York brings when you live there.

    • Zachary: (On him being the unknown factor in The Hitcher) I hope that does get people more involved. I think that's why they cast me. I'm no pretty boy. I'm more of an everyman. I think that people can relate to me in that way.

    • Zachary: (On working with The Hitcher co-stars Sophia Busha and Sean Bean) Sophia and I got to rehearse for a good week or two before we even started the movie. That was great, just to develop a great relationship with her. We have a real brother/sister relationship, it was great working with her. We just have a great connection. And Sean, watching him and working with him was like being at school. He's a great actor and the way he works sort of gave me new insight on film acting in general. It was perfect. It was amazing to work with him. I'd do it again in a second. I can see why he works so much in general.

    • Zachary: (On the Hitcher) I'm the biggest fan of the original, ever. I'm a huge horror film fan in general, so when they told me I was auditioning for it, it was like one of those jobs you didn't think you were going to get because it's like, "Oh man, that's the coolest job I can imagine." So yeah, I'm a big fan of the original.