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  • The only director that should be allowed to make remakes

    The best in the business of remakes and adaptations of comics/graphic novels...

    He makes unique films based on the original while keeping both new audiences and fans of the old work happy... very rare in this era of "lets remake everything we can think of"

    Dawn of the Dead was a worthy retake of the original Romero, brand new characters and plot, but integrated original cast members, lines for the original, and the general themes expressed...

    300 was more of a literal translation of the material, but Snyder's obvious respect of Millers Graphic Novel permeates the screen... going so far as to mimic the feel of comic panels by speeding up and slowing down during action scenes...

    IMO, Snyder is one of the best new directors out there in the niche fields of comic movies and horror.moreless