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    • Zack: (on "BloodRayne II: Deliverance") I liked my death scene except for the fact that all the blood ran down my neck, into my wetsuit, down my back, between my butt cheeks and into my boots. Of course the blood was NOT heated as it's an Uwe Boll film, even though we shot at 4am in minus 12 degree weather with 80 mph winds whipping around. My favorite part of that was when it ENDED!

    • Zack: If you want to ensure that your existence offends no one, teaches nothing, affects no one, then you're a sofa cushion and I have no use for someone that wants to waste the fleeting moments of his or her life being tepid bathwater.

    • Zack: I'm what they call 'famous lite.' People look at me with a confused look on their face. They think I dated their sister or knew them in high school. I'm just a huge movie star you never heard of.

    • Zack: (about the movie "Transformers") This will be the next Star Wars, remembered for decades, geeked on by a new generation of nerds and now I am one with their nerdiness. I love doing stuff like this. It's like being a kid and playing super hero, only the guns, helicopters, F-117 Stealth bombers, F-22 Raptors, and tanks are real.

    • Zack: The double standard is that we can have Americans act like inbred idiots on Jerry Springer or amoral whores on Howard Stern, but the minute we have an opinion, a thought out formulated and structured opinion, that differs from the Enron status quo of our Christian "moral" majority, we're "bad" people!