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    • Zale was inducted in 1999 into the Women's Scuba Hall of Fame.

    • Zale recently made her first acting appearance in the movie The Tillamook Treasure (2006) since since her role on the Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea episode "The Amphibians" in 1965.

    • Zale was the only female executive as well as tester for equipment for the Scientific Underwater Research Enterprises company in 1953.

    • Zale is currently working on a four-volume book, Scuba America: The Human History of the Sport of Diving.

    • Zale will host the Portage Quarry, Ohio Festival of Diving Legends on August 10-12, 2007.

    • Zale was cast for her acting part in Sea Hunt without a screen test after her appearance in Kingdom Of The Sea (1954) impressed the series producer Ivan Tors who immediately sought her out and hired her.

    • Zale and Al Tillman organized the first International Underwater Film Festival in 1957 and continued with it until 1974.

    • Zale tested one of the first hyperbaric diving chambers for civilian divers in 1955.

    • Zale not only appeared on Sea Hunt six times but was also an underwater stunt double and technical adviser for the first two seasons of the show as well.

    • Zale was given the title of Lifetime Ambassador At Large by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences in 2001.

    • Zale was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in May 1955.

    • Zale set a woman's deep diving record at 209 feet in 1954.

    • Zale was the first female president of the Underwater Photography Society, elected in 1960.

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