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Zane Buzby


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  • Witness

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 21 - 3/9/91

    Rose has a new man, Carl, in her life but suddenly out of the blue Miles returns, still undercover in the Witness Protection Program. However, things get hairy when Carl reveals himself to be the mobster that is after Miles. Meanwhile, Sophia loses her glasses.moreless
  • Summer Together, Fall Apart

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 1 - 11/15/89

    Charles(Scott Baio)and the Powell's return from vacation in the mountains. he tells Buddy(Willie Aames)what a great time they had, Sarah(Josie Davis)was miserable the whole time. Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)complained about Charles telling them what to do the whole vacation, Walter(James Callahan)didn't enjoy himself that much, Ellen(Sandra Kerns)said it was the most stressful three weeks of her life, with the kids fed up about rules Charles announces that there are no more rules. Walter feels that he is no longer needed and he leaves and moves in with Lillian(Ellen Travolta). Jamie has a party, Sarah invites a homeless man to live with them, Adam gets a pet snake, in the end they begin to understand that they need rules. It turns out that the homeless man was Preston(Tony Dow)Adam's music teacher, who likes to dress down on his summer vacation. Walter and Ellen return home thinking they were needed, noticing the house was a mess they all pitch in to help clean up.moreless
  • The Organization Man

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 20 - 5/24/89

    Charles(Scott Baio)has a pocket organizer, so that he can easily have time to do stuff, Jamie(Nicole Eggert)has to cook a meal for people, and they have to grade her work, Charles has an idea why don't Jamie cook for Sarah(Josie Davis)and her date David(Jerry O'Connell), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)has to prepare a birdhouse for wood shop, waiting until the last minute he asks Charles for help, Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is going to Brooklyn to see Uncle Joe, so she leaves Charles in Charge of the diner until she gets back, he can't do it so he gets Walter(James Callahan)to watch it, Jamie dresses and talks like Sarah, and Sarah dresses and talks like Jamie, David doesn't like it he likes Sarah they way she was. Charles returns home only to find out Jamie read a cook book and understood it, Sarah drew a picture of a birdhouse for Adam made it from looking at the picture, all without the use if his organizer.moreless
  • A Fish Called Buddy

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 13 - 2/23/89

    Charles(Scott Baio)has been let down by Buddy(Willie Aames) again when he forgets to pick up Adam(Alexander Polinsky)for the Dentist, they have a huge argument which practically ends their friendship, but when Buddy has a terrible accident that puts him in a coma, Charles quickly rushes to his side, he has a dream that Buddy and him are older, and Charles is on trial for killing Jamie's husband, and Buddy is the presiding judge, and when he forgets to give him an acquittal, he then kills Buddy by accident, he then wakes up and Buddy wakes up from his coma and forgets the argument they had.moreless
  • Ladies' Night Out

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 1/25/89

    Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Sarah(Josie Davis)plan to go to Club Dread, but when Charles(Scott Baio)and Buddy(Willie Aames)catch Jamie getting ready he says no way, when Walter(James Callahan) gets wind of their plan, he says you'll go to that club over my dead body, when Adam(Alexander Polinksy) figures out the they plan to sneak out of the house, Charles and Buddy plan to catch them in the act, by waiting for them to make the first move, they eventually catch them but the had already snuck out their bedroom window, they return to their room, having a prowler in the area Walter, so the Police pick up Charles and Buddy by mistake, and the next day Jamie, Sarah and Adam apologize for what they did.moreless
  • Walter Gets a Dodo

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 7 - 1/13/89

    Charles(Scott Baio)is preparing to help Buddy(Willie Aames)with a slide show presentation, he then tells him that something always comes up at the last minute, he gets a phone call from Professor Bunt(David Agress)who tells him that his sister Dodo is coming to town and that he wants Charles to entertain her while he's away, so not breaking a promise to his best friend Charles decides to fix her up with Walter(James Callahan), to take her to the John Paul Jones Society, when Dodo(Marcia Wallace)shows up she wasn't Walter was expecting, when Charles and Buddy come home they see Dodo and Walter kissing in the kitchen and announces that they are getting married, she then later changes her mind when she finds out that she will become a grandmother to Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)and Sarah(Josie Davis), Dodo says she's to young to be a grandma so she decides not to marry Walter or her other fiance.moreless
  • Trading Papers

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 17 - 3/8/88

    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is ecstatic when he scores an ‘A' on his English assignment until he turns past the cover page and discovers Sarah's (JOSIE DAVIS) poem there by mistake. She, in turn, scored a ‘C—" when she mistakenly turned in his essay. At first afraid a low grade will threaten his financial assistance, Charles decides to square things with Sarah's teacher but keep the mix—up a secret from his own professor. Eventually, he cannot keep up the deception and confesses all to Professor Kleeman(JACK RILEY), a somewhat shady teacher who suggests he keep the grade, since it is already in the school's computer. Insisting that he be judged on his work, Charles receives a ‘B' from Kleeman on the condition he keep it to himself, as the professor is worried that if students confessed to all indiscretions, he'd be regrading papers forever.moreless
  • The Pickle Plot

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 14 - 2/10/88

    Unable to decide on a college major and faced with a tuition increase, Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is determined to convince his Uncle Joe (JOHN ASTIN) that he should be made the heir to his business. The promise of a steady income and a beautiful secretary convince Charles to quit school and accept Uncle Joe's job offer, even though the results of his aptitude test reveal he'd excel at anything he'd try. When he breaks the news to Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT), Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS), and Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) , Charles realizes that his real love is teaching children and decides to major in education.moreless
  • The Extremely Odd Couple

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 1/5/88

    Charles (Scott Baio) tries to end a feud between Walter (James Callahan) and Lillian (Ellen Travolta) by giving them each a ticket to a swing music concert. His plan works so well that they start out together for a weekend in Atlantic City, until a minor car accident in the driveway rekindles the feud.
    Charles is the sole eyewitness to the collision and each wants him to testify on their behalf. It is only when Charles announces he will tell the whole truth that Walter and Lillian admit they share responsibility for the accident and patch up their differences.moreless
  • Baby Doll

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 10/10/87

    Charles (Scott Baio) and Lillian (Ellen Travolta) are throwing a big opening night party to introduce the new chef of Sid's Pizza Parlor. Entrusted with $900 for promotion, Charles and Buddy (Willie Aames) plan to hire a famous musical group and interior decorator for the night, until the money is lost. Jamie (Nicole Eggert) suggests to Charles that he hire three of her friends, Tammy Townsend, Jemma Bosch and Andrea Palmer, who have formed a band called Baby Doll, to perform as the opening night entertainment. Charles angers Jamie by offhandedly rejecting her idea. Concerned with fixing up the restaurant for the gala celebration, Charles also rejects Sarah (Josie Davis) and Adam's (Alexander Polinsky) suggestion that they assist with decorating. In desperation at the last minute, Charles agrees to both offers, and Baby Doll and the decorations contribute to a successful opening.moreless
  • Whose Room Is it Anyway?

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 4/26/87

    Steve and Marcy plan on adding another room to their house with their tax refund. Al tries to coax Steve into building a pool room while Peg and Marcy decide on an exercise room. Who will win?moreless
  • Isn't That What's Her Face?

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 4/4/87

    A famous young movie star, Darby Peterson (Dawn Merrick) shows up on Charles' (SCOTT BAIO) doorstep disguised as "Dorothy," a new Copeland College student looking for some orientation advice. She finally reveals who she is to the delighted Charles and asks for his help in keeping her secret so she can go to college in privacy. When Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) accidentally discovers her identity and is also asked to keep the secret, the stage is set for some male competition. In the meantime, Walter (JAMES CALLAHAN), takes the kids fishing, but not before he catches Charles in the living room in the middle of the night with Darby - then Dorothy. By explaining any of it - and it looks bad - Charles will be breaking his promise. It doesn't help that he discovers the sweet nothings Darby has been telling Buddy sound very familiar, . .But in a blend of good luck and good intentions, Charles gets to keep his word, his job, his friendship with Buddy and the undying gratitude of his favorite movie star.moreless
  • A Fox in the Henhouse

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 2/21/87

    The latest challenge to Charles' (Scott Baio) vivid imagination is a visit by an old shipmate of the absent Commander Powell. Since the good Commander is far away, serving in the Western Pacific for another six months, Lieutenant Matty Whiteford (Stephen Parr) comes to keep Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) and the kids company for a weekend. Unfortunately, company isn't all he tries to keep, and Charles doesn't like it. Charles confides to Walter (James Callahan), who being an old seadog doesn't understand Charles' suspicions since a Naval officer is always honorable, etc. But when Charles and Walter are hospitalized overnight with a case of food poisoning brought on by tasting contaminated clams, Matty moves in. His campaign to capture Ellen Powell's affection is first subtlety slowed by the three kids and then abruptly terminated by Ellen's own left hook. Charles, Walter and Buddy (Willie Aames) arrive moments later to support Ellen's edict that the frustrated Lothario take his leave immediately.moreless