Zöe Lucker

Zöe Lucker


4/13/1974, Keighley, Huddersfield, England, UK

Birth Name

Zöe Lucker



Also Known As

Zoe Lucker, Zoe Lucker, Zöe Lucker
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Yorkshire-born Zoe Lucker has been on our screens a lot in recent years in TV dramas such as "Holby City", Trial & Retribution IV (2000) (TV), Barabara, Brazen Hussies (1996) (TV) and "Coronation Street" (1960), where she played Sonia Leech, owner of the beauty parlour where Raquel worked.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2006, she helped launch Sports Relief with other celebrities, and appeared in a parody of Footballers' Wives as her infamous character, Tanya Turner.

    • She collapsed in the Soho House nightclub in London last year after coming back from a tiring tour in New Zealand.

    • She spent three weeks filming in Zambia on a voluntary trip with the VSO for a mini documentary for GMTV volunteer week.

    • She spent three weeks filming in India making a documentary for ITV2, with fellow Footballers' Wives co-star Sarah Barrand.

    • It is rumoured that she will be playing The Rani in the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

    • She was nominated for Most Popular Actress in 2004 - National Television Awards.

    • Her parents spent year and a half doing voluntary service in Zambia then became school teachers.

    • Her Father set up his own stained glass design business. He also writes music and can play several musical instruments.

    • She did A-levels at Huddersfield New College and went to Drama School in Manchester, obtaining drama degree.

    • Left drama school aged 21, got herself an agent and her first job was on tour with the Hull Truck Theatre Company in John Godber plays including Dracula and The New Office Party.

    • In 2005, she spent two months with a production company in New Zealand filming a play called Alot Like Love, with New Zealand Actor, Shane Cortese.

    • She loves her role as Tanya Turner in Footballers' Wives. She adores her character "We're both survivors, but I wouldn't use people the way she does to get on in life."

    • Zoe Lucker really is keen on football, and once bid successfully at a charity auction for a tour of Leeds United football ground.

    • The only part she hated in Footballers' Wives was filming the opening sequence in a pool because, just like Tanya, she's not keen on swimming and prefers to keep her head above water.

    • She has stated that after returning to Footballers' Wives that her appearance in the fifth season would most definitely be her last. The reason why she choose to return was so that she could have the opportunity to work with Joan Collins.

    • Tim Henmam and Boris Becker played mixed doubles with Footballers' Wives stars Laila Rouass and Zoe Lucker in an advertisement for Ariel Tennis Ace talent ID days.

    • In 2006 she was offered a role on Coronation Street, but turned it down.

    • For her series Bombshell, she dyed her hair brown so she could distance herself from her blonde character Tanya Turner in Footballer's Wives.

    • In 2005 she decided to leave Footballer's Wives, as she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. Her new series Bombshell was cancelled after the pilot aired, so she has returned to Footballer's Wives to wrap up her storyline.

    • Before landing the role of Tanya Turner on Footballers Wives, she was about to give up acting for a career in teaching.

    • She lives in Stoke Newington with her partner, television presenter Tony Craig.

  • Quotes

    • Zoe: I've been pretty lucky, the press have been very good to me but yes, there are certain instances when there is a high intrusion. But if you are in that position there are pros and cons to it. You have to take it with a pinch of salt and say 'this is part of the job'. Anything that does happen you have to say 'this is going to be gone by tomorrow'. You just have to learn not to read it.

    • Zoe: When I got the part I panicked on how now I'm going to do a New Zealand accent in New Zealand.

    • Zoe: Not every actor is as lucky as I am.

  • Zoe Lucker is in footballer's wives at the moment, and is doing a really good job!

    She's blonde, posh and filthy rich, and she's no match for Paulo who obviously fancies her when they're on the plane flying back from Brazil (series 5). Anyway, Zoe Lucker is a brilliant actress, and plays the role of Tanya Turner. Zoe, don't give up on Footballer's Wives, I'm mad on it! And you're my fave character! And my dad fanices you, but we won't get into that ha ha! Anyway, Zoe is probably one of my greatest actresses at the present time, and I really think she could go very far in her career. Go for it Zoe! By Sophie Morbey aged 12moreless