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Zitto Kazann

Zitto Kazann

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Zitto Kazann is most known as the scary devil Henry in Kimberly Shaw's (Marcia Cross) mind on Melrose Place. He did not only scare Kimberly with his threatening, frightening voice but also a lot of the viewers. This was so spectacular, no one had even seen before. Brilliant…more


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  • Zitto Kazann was fantastic on Melrose Place! We all remember the devil Henry who made Dr. Kimberly Shaw bomb the apartment complex...

    I believe Zitto is talented both as a dramatic actor and a comedey. Give him a sitcom! I mean part of me is scared of his appearance in the mirror on Melrose Place, but another part of me laughs my ass off because he's so funny - he and Marcia Cross have a great chemistry, I suggest give the two of them a show! Too bad we never see Zitto on television, although he appeared on "Arrested Development" and "CSI" last season, that was only minor parts. Why hasn't anyone noticed this talented actor like me? Give him a gypsy show if necessary!moreless