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Zoe Flower


7/24/1973, Bristol, England

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Zoe Flower


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When other teens were asking for cars, she asked for a computer. With this drive toward technology, Zoe Flower has become one of the most respected female journalists in the video game industry. Not only does she write for a popular monthly video game magazine she also produces…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Zoe's favorite song is "Sweet Child of Mine" from Guns and Roses.

    • Zoe has always been interested in computers and technology. When other teens were asking for cars on their 16th birthday, Zoe wanted a computer.

    • Whenever she is asked "What are your favorite games?", Zoe usually responds with an entire list of them. She can't choose just one. But, her list does contain a large amount of Playstation games on it. This is probably due to her journalistic affiliation with "Official Playstation Magazine."

    • Zoe is a die-hard Vancouver Canucks hockey fan.

    • She is currently a writer, producer, editor, host and creator of Hardcore Candy. Hardcore Candy is a television news magazine that follows the lifestyles of women in extreme sports.

    • She was given the nickname "Gamer Girl" by her fellow Playstation magazine columnists.

    • Zoe's favorite sports to participate in are ice hockey (her position is left wing) and snowboarding.

    • Zoe was one of the Key Note Panel speakers at the 2004 Vancouver International Digital Festival (VIDFEST). The event showcases research and advancements in digital design and film making.

    • Even though Zoe spent 3 years as Co-host on The Electric Playground, she first had to overcome an intense phobia of being filmed in front of a camera.

    • Zoe was first approaced by The Electric Playground's Producer Victor Lucas to shoot his show on location at her Bliink Interactive cafe. Lucas was impressed with Zoe's knowledge in video games that he later asked her to be a Co-host on the show.

    • In 2003, Zoe took part in the "Playstation 2 Gamer Girl Project". The event took her to cities in the United States to talk about the societal impacts of video games to society and how games are not just for males.

    • Although Zoe is an avid gamer and writes a monthly column for Playstation's official video game magazine, her husband, Drew, dislikes video games.

    • Her first name "Zoe" comes from the ancient Greek word for "Life".

    • A full fledge entrepreneur, in 1997 Zoe opened Bliink Interactive in Vancouver, BC. It was Vancouver's first combined cyber cafe and video gaming center.

    • Zoe is one of the founding members of Girlsroom Productions, a television and media company devoted to promoting the awareness of female extreme sports athletes.

    • Zoe once wrote a monthly column for the North American version of the video game magazine "Official PlayStation Magazine." As of 2006 she is a contributing editor.

  • Quotes

    • On Final Fantasy VII
      Zoe: Every romantic out there should have this on their shelf. And also anyone who likes spikey hair and big swords.

    • Zoe: I hate the concept of "Girl Games." Like we'll suddenly pick up a controller because there is a pink, fluffy game that allows us to go show shopping and try lipstick colors. Give it a rest already!

    • Zoe: I was a nightmare for studios and companies that hired me, as I would quickly outgrow what I was hired to do and start poking around other people's work areas looking to learn something else.

    • Zoe: Be good to those around you and it will all come back to you.