Zoe McLellan

Zoe McLellan


11/6/1974, La Jolla, California, USA

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Zoe McLellan


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    • Zoe: (on her work ethic) My parents taught me to do your homework and show up to do your job. Yes, it's play and we're acting and all that, but this is a job. And yes we will have some long hours. That doesn't intimidate me.

    • Zoe: (on her work ethic) I work hard. I have a good time, but I do my work.

    • Zoe: (on auditions) You often get butterflies for auditions. My nerves weren't as strong as they usually are when I'm going for a part.

    • Zoe: (on the jobs she had) I'm grateful to say, when I moved to LA in 1996, I made the decision to be an actress and I booked a job five days later. I did that earlier in high school, working in a bowling alley and babysitting, but when I moved to LA I decided acting was what I was going to do.

    • Zoe: (on staying fit) I'm just very much a big believer of listening to your body and I eat lots of vegetables and fish. I also love to dance and run, so I do what feels good in the moment, but I'm not a prisoner in the gym or count calories or eat rice cakes or anything like that.

    • Zoe: (on the experience of living in New York) I'd like to do theatre, and film and television as well, but I just love the way of life here.

    • Zoe: I always want the stakes to be higher.

    • Zoe: I've only seen the movie once... and I was so nervous watching myself, my eyes were literally closed through half the movie.

    • Zoe: I love to play the bad guy.

    • Zoe: I didn't have all that many stunts in the film. So anything close to a stunt I did do myself.

    • Zoe: I was cast in D and D [Dungeons & Dragons] eight days before I was due in Prague.

    • Zoe: I'd say that magic dust that knocks out bad guys would be handy.

    • Zoe: The older we get the more we realize that we know nothing.

    • Zoe: I loved playing Logan on Sliders, because most people see me as a sweet innocent girl next door. Logan got to kick ass.

    • Zoe: Usually that meant hitting people, or getting thrown to the ground.

    • Zoe: I'm her for those minutes when I'm working.

    • Zoe: I like the idea of taking roles that I'm afraid to play.

    • Zoe: One of the reasons I loved playing Marina so much is that she starts out as such a snob.

    • Zoe: I'm not exactly sure how many types of monsters we used, but more than just dragons... And in my opinion getting my brains sucked out by Jeremy's [Irons] tenacles qualifies.

    • Zoe: The way I work on any character is starting on the inside and working my way out.

    • Zoe: If I'm idolized – great. You're the fans. You're buying the tickets. You keep me working. If I'm hated, it's not my fault, I didn't write it.

    • Zoe: I love belly dancing. I'll never do it in public or in a movie and I suck. But I really love it.